Thursday, May 19, 2011

wrong in all the right ways

so im sitting here this morning, drinking coffee and watching the news as the rain pours down in buckets outside our living room window (google describes "torrential" as: falling rapidly and in copious quantities... yup that about sums it up). there are so many things running through my head (and it surely doesnt help that i have a headache... i only had one glass of wine last night... you should see this glass i have, it holds 750ml!)

i woke to more news about the 6 year old boy, camden, who they found dead on the side of the road last week in south berwick, maine. i dont have any children but i cannot even begin to wrap my head around how anyone can do something so horrible to their child. may he rest in peace and may she suffer in jail for the rest of her selfish, sick life.

tyler met with the house inspector yesterday and everything looks good to go (a few little things needed to be changed/fixed, but nothing major). the builder says the house will be completed by tuesday, and we close a week later. potential moving date is june 4th or 12th (eeeeeeeeeek!!) so when can we get our puppy?

but the biggest thing ive got going on right now (bigger than getting a new house? yes.)...

on october 7th of last year i sent out a message on facebook trying to put a 12 person team together of a bunch of fun/wild/crazy women. cuz it was my idea to put the team together, i decided to captain the team.
first mistake.
a bunch of awesome ladies quickly said "im in!" with great enthusiasm. a few came and went throughout the upcoming weeks/months. at one point i miscounted and had 16 people trying to sign up, so i had to tell people they sadly were out. i didnt hold onto them for alternates.
second mistake.
as is common with these sort of things, life got in the way for a few people. ive been there before and have had to back out of commitments ive made. it sucks but we deal with it. and after much stress, numerous do-overs, spreadsheets, text messages (i swear i would be broke if i didnt have unlimited texting), it is complete.

we have a team of 11. of which one runner is semi hurt but is going to take it easy and run 2/3rds of her legs.

this whole experience has been eye opening for sure. i never realized how much work it took to captain one of these things, and i really thank the captains of the two teams ive been on for the past two years ive done the new hampshire race. of course they were a little less anal/ocd more organized than i am, having a few team meetings before the race (pfffft, whatever), preparing for extra runners, etc. BUT i kept my composure (barely) and this is going to work. it is. it HAS to.

i spent much of the day yesterday filling out a spreadsheet that Eric sent me (someone on his team has a lot more time on their hands than i do!) that helps figure out who runs when, how fast, and estimated times for all runners legs. this spreadsheet is UNREAL. we start tomorrow morning from wachusett mountain at 9:30am, and should potentially reach the beach at 1:58pm saturday afternoon. this is assuming i dont walk all 5 of my legs (yeah im running 5 legs. not 3. potential third mistake)

we are 11 women, in 2 vans (well, one van, one chevy traverse), running 201.04 miles (in the rain), in approximately 28 hours.

we are:

and we are

meet the freaks:

"look out boys, im chasing after you... to PASS you!"

little known fact: she hopped on that one foot the entire race. now thats talent!

(ohhh, thats me!)
a runner and a dirty little freak fashion runway model! 

"anyone wanna do jello shots? i brought 100 of them"

kate j
"so really you guys, this whole thing seemed like a good idea 5 months ago"

if this pic doesnt scream "IM SUPER PUMPED AND CRAZY AND A FREAK" i dont know what does

if i had to bet, this dirty little freak is holding a flask in those hands

the true, innocent smile of a dirty little freak
(fun fact: ive never met regina. also fun fact: ive never met jessie, julia, kate j, kate d, alison, or molly either)

theres no telling whats in that "water" bottle

kate d
i can only hope she brings this to wear while running... i mean, it is going to be a wet weekend!

and our DD/official photographer for the weekend...

this hardcore dirty little freak has no idea what shes in for
and dear god help me if she sings "cuz baby youre a fiiiiiiiiiiiirework" even ONE time.....

so raise your glass....
lets DO this ladies!


  1. OMG, so much fun! I can't wait to read all about this!

  2. ahhhhhhh i LOVE IT!!!! im so happy you were able to fit me into the van. hell, by now ill probably have an entire row to myself:-) thanks for being such a awesome friend throughout all this. cant wait!!!! yli ;)

  3. Hopefully I get to see you this weekend!!!

  4. this ALMOST makes me want to do a relay.

  5. have fun!! wish i could be joining you :)

  6. wait, no. i don't wish i was joining you. are you crazy?? im not running in the rain for over 24 hours....have fun!!

  7. You are going to have so much fun!!! Have a blast and congrats on the house almost being done!!!!

  8. Thanks Danielle for everything!! I am so happy to still be a part of this team even with a sprained ankle!! LET'S DO THIS!! XOXO

  9. That looks SO FUN!!! Enjoy it!

  10. That sounds so fun! Count me in for next year =)

  11. Have!! Y'all better have awesome twitter updates all weekend. Ahhh, jealous!

  12. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!! Wish I could be there but the Achilles sometimes does not even let me walk. Hahah. (Note: not really funny) Can't wait to hear all about this! Have a great time and be safe ladies :)

  13. ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! I can't believe Sarah made me read this ... with the implanted "fiiiiiiiiiiiirework"! DIRTY TRICK!

    Good lucky, ladies! (And I use that term very, very loosely.) You'll have a blast.

    Danielle, I'm also captaining a relay team this year. And yeah, I have a spreadsheet that I made of paces, estimated times, etc. - but I'd love to get a copy of yours/Eric's!

  14. The race report is going to be nothing short of EPIC!

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  16. You guys did awesome, CONGRATS! Now I want to do one...