Thursday, May 5, 2011

say hello to my little friend

i said i would never do it. i said i really didnt care about all the technology and heart rate and cool graphs and feaures my nike+ didnt do. i said the money wasnt worth it and its too big (thats what she said) and why bother and... and... and...

alas, i finally caved.

meet "mark" (of course he has a name, come on now... that shouldnt surprise anyone):

he is quite a bit larger than my nike+  (side note, no i am not missing the end of my digits... i am in desperate need of a manicure and i didnt feel anyone needed to see that hot mess):

ive never had such a complicated watch... the box was packed full of all sorts of goodies! (including a 75 instruction manual, yikes!)

so how did the name "mark" come about? the whole reason i got the garmin 305 in the first place was on the recommendation from my super cool marathon trainer. you might have heard of him before, i think ive mentioned him a few times here and there. he suggested this model to me... not too expensive and will do all that i need/want it to do. i have a goal for the maine marathon on october 2nd... not suck. and by not suck i really mean go sub 4. ive run this marathon twice... both times i took training to a whole new level of fail:

2009- 4:43:15
2010- 4:43:30

(side note: i know i am capable of better than this, i finished sugarloaf marathon in 4:15:25 in may 2010)

needless to say i want to kick this f**ing marathon course right in the face, and i WILL succeed this time. its the first marathon i have this year and i am ready to really focus on my training to get myself there, of course with the help of sam, pfitz 18/55, and now "mark".

so i have the ambition.
and i have the goal.

when i searched both of those words on an online thesaurus this is what i found:

Main Entry:goal
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:aim, purpose of an action

Main Entry:ambition
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:something desired
Synonyms:aimaspiration, desire, dreamendenterprise,
goalhope, intentmarkobjectivepurpose,

and there you have it. MARK my words, this will happen. now lets DO this.


  1. Oooh la la welcome to the future! :) You're going to annihilate Maine marathon with your new weapon of mass destruction.

  2. I was just looking up that exact watch before I came over to my Blog reader! I think I'm going to get it. Keep us posted!

  3. I am upgrading from my Nike+ to a Garmin as well. My running buddy recently bought the 405. I have been going back and forth about the 305 and the 405 for weeks now. I was close to a decision but now your post has me brainstorming again. LOL! Keep us posted on your progress with it!

  4. I said I wouldn't get one either. But I love love love mine. I totally need to name it!

  5. Here's to a 4:43:45 in 2011. ;) JK! We're absolutely going sub4 this year. I'll just be sure to do it before you. :P I wish we were marathoning together, for realsies!

  6. we WILL do a marathon together... someday :)

  7. you will still be my hero even if you run a marathon that you actually trained for. :)