Monday, November 14, 2011

my 12th half marathon

2011 All Women & One Lucky Guy Half Marathon
age group: 74th / 117
overall: 647th / 979
time: 2:15:05 (10:19)

and incase you were wondering...
1 lucky guy- Jeff Twombly, age 41
finished 317th in 1:59:44
*my first heart shaped medal

i was so happy to run with my friend Liz... she just moved back from arizona recently :)

fun fact:
i ran with her for her very 1st half in 2006,
and this race was her 5th!!

i thought it would be fun to look back at the many faces of my 12 half marathons...
(clearly for your viewing pleasure)


  1. bwahahahaha. you look so happy!!!

  2. And who is the lucky "one guy"? Love the pic montage, I so need to copy that! I'm lazy though, so I'll just ohh and ahh over yours :)