Thursday, November 3, 2011

october recap, november goals, & challenge update

looking over the number of times i ran in october and the total number of miles, im slightly embarassed. so of course, why not let everyone know all about it! two of my favorite people do monthly recaps (go visit her and her) so im gonna steal a little bit from both of them and i know they wont mind (and if they do well fine, sorry, ill bring you beer and snacks and glitter? please dont unfriend me kthanksbye).

october recap:

days in the month: 31
days i ran: 13
miles run: 89 (tied with may for highest month)
races run: 2 marathons + a 5k
total running time: 14:06:13
fastest mile: 7:30
slowest mile: 11:30
highest weekly milage: 40 (highest ever!)
# of times i became a marathon maniac: 1
# of times i cursed the attempt to become a marathon maniac: 58
bike miles: 18
swim time: 0
# of days that involved beer: 28 (dont judge me)
ab workouts: what are abs?
# of triathlons i signed up for: 1
favorite run: MDI. hands down.
song on repeat: jet lag by simple plan ft. natasha bedingfield
favorite 365 project photo:

november goals:
less beer (or not)
discover your ab muscles
get in the pool
figure out a tentative 2012 race schedule (aka: choose a marathon, or 4)

(they may not be a whole bunch of "im gonna save the world this month" goals, but its a start. a slow, manageable start).

challenge update!!

did you forget already?
jeri's current 2011 race times:
5k- 23:09
10k- 49:27
1/2- 1:50:57
full- 4:25:09
   total: 7:28:42

my updated current 2011 race times:
5k- 23:37 (took off 53 seconds)
10k- 51:06
1/2- 1:52:18
full- 4:18:03
   total: 7:25:04

current leader: DANIELLE. by 3 minutes 38 seconds.
jeri is running the philly marathon in 2 weeks and has a good chance to pull out ahead of me. to take the lead she needs a 4:21:30 or better (i think i did that math right...). im praying for strong head winds and maybe some snow... :) i have a half marathon sunday which i could maybe take off another minute or so, but thats pretty much the last chance i have (with only 2 more 5k's on my schedule). regardless this has been an awesome challenge and im excited to see how it ends up!

so whos up for a challenge next year? :)


  1. Hey! Don't pray for snow in Philly! No fair! Oh and you should come to Madrid with Ally and me! =)

  2. Want me to tackle her on the course!? =)

  3. haha sorry christy, just a loomy snowy cloud over her, youll be safe. aaaaand sure, ill buy my ticket today (probably not). sarah- ummmmm kinda? ;)

  4. You rock - you Marathon Maniac!!!

  5. over half the mileage this month was races. you're ridiculous.