Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving rambles

every year the sterling family does a football thanksgiving day pool for the games that are on. its $5 to enter (which i never have so ty always pays for me) and i never win. ever. (shocking). so heres how this year goes:
game 1 12:30 green bay @ detroit
  winner green bay (youre welcome jeri)
  total points 43
game 2 4:15 miami @ dallas
  winner dallas
  total points 40
game 3 8:15 san francisco @ baltimore
  winner san francisco
  total points 37

the winner is whoever gets the most games right. but incase of a tie:
closest to total points game 2
closest to total points game 1
closest to total points game 3

lets be honest, i dont know football. think of me as the roll of rachel or phoebe in friends season 2 thanksgiving episode:
rachel- "we should definitely play football more often... maybe theres like a league we could join or something"
phoebe- "isnt a national football league?"
chandler- "yes they play on sunday and monday nights"
rachel- "oh shoot, i work monday nights"

(speaking of friends, this is what i did last night/this morning)
oh yeah, all the thanksgiving episodes

so trying to pick teams for this thing is way over my head. so i did what all non football watching people would obviously do... i let my cat make the decision (as if there were another way).

and how did i get total points? (do i even know how to score football? i once asked if you could throw it through the yellow things to get points. so the answer is clearly no). so i went to week 2 of the season (cuz 2 is part of 22 which is my favorite number) and took the scores from each teams game and added them up. brilliant! but 2 things: i didnt think green bay vs. detroit would be 78 total points (GB scored 30 that week, detroit scored 48) so i gave detroit 13, just because. that might be low but i dont care. also, i couldnt find the score for the baltimore game from week 2... cuz i was looking for the orioles. smart. so we'll see what happens.

i again ran the thanksgiving day 4 miler this morning. i started way too far back in the crowd and couldnt get a good pace going til the about a half mile in cuz it was so crowded with people (going much slower than i wanted to go). the weather was great (cold but not too windy) and i felt awesome! there was no starting line mat for pace so i (hope i) started my watch when the gun went off to get accurate timing...
if its right then i got a 2 second PR!!
mile 1: 8:32
mile 2: 7:36
mile 3: 7:20
mile 4: 7:38
see what i mean about that first mile?
and again speaking of friends, katie, ally and i have been texting back and forth with only friends thanksgiving episode quotes. this is absolutely why i love these girls.

  "happy needless turkey murder day!"
  "married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girls wooden leg in the fire, live in a BOX!"
  "when i get back i want you and your friends to be gone. thanksgiving is over. the vein has spoken!"
  "you won an adult thanksgiving day spelling bee? yes. Y-E-S."
  "come on Will, just take your shirt off and tell us about it"
oh the true joy this brings me...

and finally... happy thanksgiving. i am thankful for so many things its hard to put them all down into a list... but in no particular order

i am thankful for:
  ~the most amazing family and friends
  ~my supportive husband
  ~the support that we got this summer during an indescribably difficult time
  ~duke university hospital for giving the most amazing brother, son, fiance, brother- in-law, & friend, 3 more years on this unpredictable earth
  ~amazingly supportive co-workers
  ~my ability to run, work, breathe 
  ~dunkin donuts being open this morning cuz im too lazy to make it myself
  ~the best friend a girl could ever ever ask for
  ~my kitty for being such a spaz but keeping me on my toes
  ~ranch dressing, fried food, and complex carbohydrates
this list could go on and on... :) happy turkey day to all!


  1. hugs to you! happy thanksgiving!

  2. I don't recognize any of those quotes. I am so behind when it comes to tv/movie quotes. LOL!
    Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  3. Pies? Oh, we thought you said PRIZE.

    Bahaha. I love you.