Monday, February 6, 2012

dear monday...

i decided to start something new today... feel free to join every monday, and link up with megan if you do

dear monday, here you are again...

dear work, thank you for allowing me to have the morning off. sleeping until 8am was beyond awesome.

dear chips, i understand that you love to wake me up every morning by tapping on my cheek with your paw and butting your little head into mine. but mondays when i can actually sleep in are not the day to do it.

dear treadmill 800s, i have a serious love/hate relationship growing with you right now. sure you may think i that smile and head bob is for you, but i had some fantastic tunes goin on this morning and i got lost in my music. nothing about you makes me want to smile and head bob. go find sarah. she likes you more. but ill see you again next week and i will dominate you.

dear tom brady, ugh.

dear bella, i hope i get some answers soon cuz you really should have picked jacob.

dear mom, im glad we taught you how to text message this weekend but you might want to find out if you have a texting plan now that youre texting us every hour.

dear extra 5lbs, wtf?

dear coffee, thank you for your yummy deliciousness this morning. it was exactly what i needed to start this week off on a good foot.

dear HIMYM, im happy to have a new episode tonight but seriously, if you dont hurry it up and end this charade i might freak out a lot.

dear stupid cell phone battery, cut the shit. i charge you every night, i dont see why you have to continuously die in the afternoon. i dont want to buy one of your fancy dancy big batteries. im sure the 6 zillion texts i send a day dont help. ill try to get better if you try. k thanks.

dear monday, bring. it. on.


  1. This is cute :) I had my own "dear Mom" - taught her how to email pics from her camera...quite the experience!

  2. dear danille. im breaking up with you. mwc can suck it.

    dear free breakfast. im sure you will be oh soooo yummy

    1. dear sarah- if were broken up you can pay for your own damn breakfast.

  3. Um, I second the 'dear battery'... AND HIMYM. Seriously. I can't take it anymore.

  4. This is cute. I love it.
    Dear Danielle - the thought that you get to sleep in til 8 just irks me. Really? The dogs AND Izzy have me up at 5/5:30 daily. and I hardly doubt you have an extra 5 lbs. no way.

    Dear Sarah - it was your 1st MWC. Next year you'll crush it. Yes. You. Will.

    If I can get my act together I'll do this next Monday and link it up with Megan. :)

  5. I meant 'dear stupid cell phone battery'. That is definitely more accurate. stupid stupid.

    1. haha seriously... what kind of phone do you have?

  6. yeah, you kill my cell phone battery when we have day-long texting convos, just FYI. ;)

  7. So glad you linked up your little letters this week! And I"m not liking this season of How I Met Your Mother as much at all, and it makes me SAD!

  8. Dang it, I missed the new HIMYM. Bummer.

    I think waking up to a little paw sounds adorable! Of course it SOUNDS adorable. I imagine after the first couple of times it loses the cuteness.

    My mom refuses to text. Your mom sounds cute!