Friday, February 24, 2012

(not always so fun) fun fact friday

1. when i go to the grocery store for "a few things" i often end up shopping like i have no food in my house (which is not true) and the end of the world is coming and i better stock pile just incase (also not true, i hope... but i guess you can never be sure). we have 3 things of ranch dressing in the pantry. you can never be too prepared.

2. i very much dislike the propane company and the fact that they havent called us back after we've left FOUR messages on their machine. so for now ive resorted to turning the heat down and wearing hooded sweatshirts, wool socks, and on occasion a winter hat while in the house. screw you and your expensive propane. (*update: since starting this post they freaking called back, of course. and now we pay less. so ill turn the heat up just a little... for the sake of our kitten, of course. my winter hat is so stylish)

3. after shopping around recently for some baby girl clothes for a friend i decided we will have a boy. cuz ya know, i can make those decisions and everything.

4. taxes. barf.

5. i bought a sewing machine this week and now everyone will have stylish christmas gifts this year. you have been warned. (i have no idea what im doing, fyi)

6. im really good at following directions when driving (i freaking drove from maine to arizona ALONE without getting lost). however, the year after i graduated from college i drove to syracuse. in albany i apparently took a wrong turn. i drove 2+ hours before thinking i might not be going the right way and stopped to ask for directions. convo- me: "so that city up there ahead, is that syracuse?" convenient store lady: "oh no honey, you must be lost. thats canada." the only way to get back on track was to drive the 2+ hours back down to albany and then continue on towards syracuse. fml.

7. during the summer of my junior year in college a few guys i worked with decided it would be fun to drive down to six flags for the day (3 hour trip from home). we took my little hyundai accent, parked in the super expensive/no security lot, spent the whole day riding roller coasters and left to drive home at 10pm, exhausted. as we got close to our car, we saw a group of people standing around. come to find out, about 10 cars were vandalized... mine being one of them. what was the crime? they stole ONE tire. really? off a hyundai? so we couldnt drive home on a donut, no place was open to get one, i wasnt 21 and a hotel didnt want to give a room to me and two guys (come on, it was a weekday!... i ended up having to call my mom). the next day it took 6 hours for an auto body shop to get me a tire and we spent it at dicks sporting goods trying on hunting gear. what a scene.

8. yes, i watched whitney houstons funeral. judge away.

9. i long to drive a 5 speed again. driving is boring. sometimes i pretend my altima isnt automatic.

10. ive started adding almond milk to my oatmeal. yummmmmy.

11. i sometimes write things on my to-do list that ive already done just so i can feel accomplishment of crossing it off.

12. im inbetween sizes in my favorite american eagle jeans. i need a new pair but i feel one size looks baggy and frumpy, and the other size is too tight. sigh.

13. im beginning to enjoy the bike. who am i?!

14. when KL&H come on at 10am, the today show gets shut off.


15. sunday will be my 12th half marathon

16. this pic continues to crack me up whenever i see it (sarah... what?! haha)

happy friday everyone!


  1. #1 - yes. I get home and can't find room to put away the new stuff. Then I make some sweeping statement about not going to the store until we eat everything that we have. Inevitably, we're at the store a few days later.

  2. Ohhh you're running Hyannis! Awesome- have a great time!

  3. the bike = HOORAY! don't fight it.

  4. remeber how you almost took us to CT in boston? yea, you suck at directions. and that picture?....i have NO IDEA. really...none.

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a to do list with things you have already done. It makes you feel accomplished! :)

  6. I do the same thing with my to-do list. Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I'll write "morning workout" or I'll put things on it like "wake up" just so I can say I finished stuff.

  7. Haha, I second that "taxes. barf." statement! Love it! ♥