Wednesday, February 1, 2012

january recap

january recap

days in month: 31

# of workouts: 25

runs/miles: 16 runs/52.3 miles (up from 2011 9 runs/33.2 miles)

bike/miles: 5/35 miles (up from 2011 3/24 miles)

races: 2- frozen 5k & twitter road race 5k (up from last year, no races, but i ran in punta cana... that sadly did not happen this year)

# of 5k PRs: ONE! 22:02. sub 23 finally!!!!

# of new sneakers bought: 2 pairs of saucony kinvaras. love.

# of times ive gone back and forth about running a marathon this year: 6

# of times ive almost pressed submit on a marathon registration page: 2

# of times i thought about registering for THIS: once. then i almost threw up.

favorite run: hands down the frozen 5k race. i was successfully able to maintain a steady pace without completely bonking out during the 3rd mile.

# of times ive yelled "NO!", "GET OFF THE TABLE", and/or "STOP IT" to the cat: 358

# of hours spent on pinterest: countless. such a time suck. and i love it.

current song obsession: shake it out by florence + the machine

fave favorite 366project pic:

winter finally decided to show up in maine

february goals

ride more miles than feb 2011 (45 miles)
525m swim in 11 minutes (current time: 11:20
plank a day

the other day (maybe it was yesterday, this week has been weird) i saw Danica tweet this idea for the month of february, and i saw a few other people that are doing it too.... sometimes its tough to figure out pics of the day for my 366project, so i thought i would do this for february:


  1. I would throw up too with the Pineland farms one - BUT I've been thinking about trying out one the 5k trail race. :)

  2. I may have to join you in this Feb photo challenge! Love it!

    Great job on January too, way to crack that sub-23!!! I was sooooooooo close before the injury and now I think it'll be quite sometime before I get another chance. BOO!!!

  3. i should do the photo challenge but it's just so much work. yes, i'm whining.

  4. Great job in January! Hope your February is just as successful!

  5. Love your recap! Great job in January! :)