Friday, July 13, 2012

fun fact friday

just a quick/semi selfish shout out: Sam, from Operation Jack, is giving away a $250 grant to a worthy charity and im kinda in 2nd place.... which means i need more people to vote for me! i am trying to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation via the 3rd annual 65 Roses 5k race on September 23rd (oh and you should also come run!!!)

here is what i wrote up for this grant:
My brother in law, Aaron T. Sterling, was born in 1981 with Cystic Fibrosis. From the day he was born Aaron was unable to do something that the majority of people on this earth take for granted: breathe. Doctors told his parents he wouldnt live to the age of 6. With the evolving miracle of technology and medicine, Aaron was able to greatly surpass the age of 6. He graduated from high school, and went on to attend the University of Maine. In 2003, Aaron underwent a double lung transplant, receiving a lung lobe from his brother and another from a family friend. After having a second single lung transplant in 2007, Aaron ultimately lost his battle with CF in 2011- but not without fighting. He left behind a fiance, a loving brother, mother and father, and countless friends who fought right along with him.
Approx. 70,000 adults/children in the world are currently living with this devistating disease, but with the help of donations and medical research they are coming close to finding a cure so that no one has to know what it feels like to be born unable to simply take a breath.

if you could take a second and please head to the Operation Jack page on facebook (and "like" his page, OJ is an excellent foundation raising money peration Jack page on facebookfor autism!) and vote for me/CFF (click "4 more" to pull down the remainder of the names, and im 2nd to the bottom). and then try to share this with your friends. i know its a lot to ask, but i have faith in my 8 readers ;) (and since im not on twitter anymore, you could also share it there ya know if you feel so inclined...) thank you!!

so now onto the "fun facts" (or more like random crap that ive decided to share today)... 13 for friday the 13th! and happy bday to my uncle jerry!!

1. i hate it when escalators are broken but thats the only way up or down (no stairs nearby). i know they pretty much act as the stairs, but its still feels weird and i get worried that they will suddenly start up again while im on them.

2. i have pretty much have better than perfect vision but sometimes wish i needed glasses

3. sometimes i have a really tough time letting things go

4. when i was 5 i got the chicken pox and then passed it on to my twin brothers. that must have been really fun for my parents. and for some reason we all walked around the house practically naked, covered in calamine lotion, wearing tupperware bowls on our heads.

5. ill never try the bud light lime. i just cant.

6. taper really really sucks. my entire run yesterday was only because i had to. i want runs back where i want to go.

7. i almost pressed submit this week on an olympic triathlon thats in 6 weeks. due to my own stupidity and lacking ability to read correctly, i thought 0.9 read 0.6. so that didnt happen.

8. a few weeks ago i got my best friends birthday present out in the mail to her only a month late. this is by far a huge success (her bday is in may, my gifts usually get there by about christmas). after coming back from the post office i realized half of her gift was still in my purse and didnt get included. its still sitting on the dining room table today.

9. i cant stand air conditioning.

10. i still balance my checkbook with a real paper check book register thingy. its a pain in the ass having two debit cards to account for, but its saved us on 4 occasions where our debit card got hacked and we got charged twice (and once three times) for something we bought.

11. im currently reading 5 books, none of which i have really any desire to finish. now taking recommendations for something i can get lost in.

12. i went through a phase when i was in middle school where i dyed my hair orange, and then i dyed my bangs blue. yes, i had bangs. and braces. hawt.

13. i really want a pair of sperry shoes... my bank account doesnt feel the same way (still refuse to buy toms, sorry meg!)


  1. One of my sweet CF patients just passed away this week - her name is Leslie and she was 22. It was really tough to tell her good bye. Like all of my CFers, she was young and mentally strong. I miss her already! You certainly have my support.

  2. I voted for you. Good luck! I refuse to buy Toms too so you aren't alone. I'd much rather have a pair of Sperry's!

  3. As one of your 8 readers (hi other 7) I think it is your duty to buy can even get 4 for the price of a pair of Sperry's :)

  4. I support you on your thoughts about stationary escalators. I think the step distance on them is funky, and that partially messes with me when I have to actually just walk on them.

    I hate feeling a cool breeze. It is July and I have a heater on at my feet and a jacket on. All because the slight breeze from the ridiculously cold air conditioning!