Sunday, July 1, 2012

june recap

direct quote from last months may recap: "if i wasnt attacking my fridge or sleeping, i was running." and its true, that month i really did feel like i was running that time, may had my highest monthly miles EVER at 166.6 (i dont know how i could have allowed myself to finish a month on that number. who does that?!)

so if i felt like i was OMGRUNNINGALLLLLLLTHETIME in may, you dont even want to know how i felt in june....


run: 200.13 miles
bike: 21.5 miles (this was one ride)
swim: 1050 yards (also one time in the pool... you saw the running mileage above, yes?)
sitting on benches whining about how i dont want to run anymore: 10 minutes
other stuff: not a lot
(disregard the suck fest that was the month of january)

bands on the run half marathon

   it was hot. it was kinda hilly with some "technical" trail running. very little shade. BRIDGES. ugh. just wasnt our day, but the three of us had a really great time, cant you tell? (sarah, you ARE smiling!) poor andy, im not sure how he put up with the two of us.

andy took every opportunity to photo bomb us
(dont worry photo company, we're buying the pics so no need to send us to jail)
also, add this to the "im flyyyyyyying" pics! none of us are touching the ground!

ew, holy calf explosion

current song obsession: "some nights" by fun and "wide awake" by katy perry

currently reading: "fifty shades darker", "wicked", "a stolen life", "in the water they cant see you cry", and still making my way through "harry potter and the order of the phoenix". i should probably stick with one book before i start another one.

favorite nephew born this month: ronan joseph nappi!

favorite run: 19.1 miler....from my dailymile entry: "i took yesterday off cuz, well to be honest, im so sick of running. i feel like i run ALL THE FREAKING TIME. and when im not running im thinking about running. and when i try not to think about running, i think about running. or someone texts me about running. it is my life right now. and i get it, im 5 weeks away from a marathon. im supposed to be all running. but really, i just want to take days (weeks) off and be ok with it. and i was. will there be more days like yesterday? sure. whatever. so anyway... i was supposed to run 17 today. and an hour before leaving my house i had 2 chocolate chip cookies for dinner. then i went out and crushed 6 miles before meeting sarah to do 13 with her. for some dumb reason she decided tonight was the night she wanted to do speed work (mind you she has not wanted to do speed work EVER, grumble grumble...) so i sucked it up for her benefit, obvs, and went fast so she didnt think i sucked at life. if i had known i would be running an 8:17 mile for my 19th mile, i might have thrown her into oncoming traffic at some point... but she got a nice 1:55 half marathon in tonight and im pretty happy with my 19 mile time. so ill keep her around for a few more weeks i guess. so i may be sick of all things running, but its good to have good friends to push you when you least expect it ."

times i thought about doing one of these: 4

times i further contemplated doing this (in a really long time, not this year): 6

# of puppies i prayed for and cried for and continue to think about (and his family too): 1

favorite pin of the month:

june goals
-smart training, rest, stretching, ice, compression. i cant afford to get hurt.... id say i really did focus on this goal this month other than anything else, especially since i was really upping my mileage. i actually stretched before and after i ran (whoa...totally new concept), i foam rolled like there was no tomorrow, took a few ice baths, and pretty much wore my compression socks whenever it was socially acceptable (which lets be honest, is pretty much everywhere. obvs). only one day did i wake up to run and really feel like i wanted to cut my legs of, so i think that counts as improvement in and of itself.

-another long bike ride... um..... not a lot of time to do that when youre running all the time. i guess the 21 mile bike can be considered long (already have a 40 ish mile bike ride planned for july at some point, so we'll take a rain check on this goal)

-figure out a freaking time goal for around the lake marathon since my original goal might not be enough any more (56 dayyyyys!!) (yes i have a goal to make a goal)- ok, its official. i made "the official around the lake marathon #6 time goal". and i printed off the pace band. is it a "way out of my element omgonly26daysleft" unattainable goal? no. did i print out 3:59:59? no. i made a reasonable choice for where i think i am right now. im still stuck in my own head and need to just let shit go and focus. i have 26 mile splits that i can look at along the way and know that if i want to/can go faster, i will. when i step up to the starting line at 7pm on july 27th, its just gonna be me and the road/path, one foot in front of the other, trusting the difficult training that i have powered through and will push myself til ive run 26.2 freaking miles, leaving everything out there. i want to be sore on july 28th. i want to not be able to walk down stairs. i want to need 3 ice baths and 7(teen) beers. i want to cry crossing the finish line and give my husband a huge hug. i want to leave wakefield, mass, knowing that i truly gave it my all. and whatever time comes with that, ill take it. (buuuut, see july goal below....)

-attempt p90x yoga atleast once- oops. would you believe it if i told you i dont know where the dvds are? or that chips ate them? yeah, i wouldnt believe me either. fail.

-200 running miles for the month. yikes.- like. a. boss. dont get me wrong, this was not easy for me. twice i had given up thinking it wasnt attainable. but i did it, and despite it just being a number, i am happy that i accomplished it. now ill probably never do it again, and thats just fine with me. (maybe ill go for biking 200 miles instead....)

-go back to the chiropractor- i did! actually, i went twice! and oh man did he crack the ever loving shit out of my back. and oddly it worked numbers on my knee. love it. another appointment in two weeks.

-sit ups/push ups. every. damn. day. so help me God.... didnt this goal say "sit ups/push ups at least twice during the month of june?" i swear thats what i originally wrote... who hijacked my blog....

-lets revisit that track 800's goal, shall we? -  i seriously give up on this goal. ill probably never do 800s again.

-regain the attitude: suck it up and just fuckin do it. #bigpimpin- oh did i ever dominate this goal this month. seriously... june was... a really good month. really. good.

-just breathe- everyday. thats probably a good thing. ill take this goal every month.

july goals

-cross the finish line of marathon #6 with a smile on my face.



  1. Your nephew is just precious! 200 miles?! You never cease to amaze and motivate me!

    1. aww, thanks! sometimes i need to motivate myself haha

  2. You are INCREDIBLE! I can only aspire to reaching 100 miles a month and here you are, busting out 200. you go, lady!

    1. thank you! and 100 is great megan! i dont suggest trying 200 haha i hurt everywhere pretty much :)

  3. Dude. Way to go. We should form the "no social life due to excess running/foamrolling club." UGH!
    You kick ass btw, just sayin....

    1. oh im sorry, who ran 202? yeah just sayin... ;)
      and yes, no life. for real. is it july 28th yet? oh wait, then we have another stupid marathon to prepare for.

  4. I'm insanely jealous of your bodacious calves!!!

  5. The number of goals you have for the month of July is overwhelming! I think your added goal should be to run out of ranch dressing fewer than 3 dozen times during the month :)

  6. How many zebras were harmed to create that skirt? Don't ask me about a time goal for the 27th, because you won't like my answer.

  7. OMG you rock! I disabled that stupid pad and it didn't do it one single time!! I am so psyched to be able to type without stopping a million times to fix the typos! Thank you for the visit to my blog and the advice!!!

    Oh, and what great milage for June! That is a crazy amount of miles!

    HOpe to run into you sometime at a race!