Monday, November 12, 2012

hello 2nd trimester!

i dont want this blog turning into a baby blog... im a runner damnit! but, i think its a pretty cool super power to be growing a human so bear with me for the next 6 months with some of those details. im still running  though (albeit it a LOT less than i used to... i sure do miss those 40 mile weeks haha) and have a race this weekend... one that i have failed over and over again (damn mile 3 hill)... so i really have no high expectations for it. im sad i have to work on thanksgiving this year so i cant run in the 4 miler in portland!

pretty much since week 9 of my pregnancy i have been exhausted and not wanting to run at all. and when i did want to run id end up stopping after 2 miles complaining about something. or walking a lot. i did the eliptical a few times but its not the same and i felt i was never getting a good work out (and it hurts my knees, weird). finally this week for whatever reason i have found my love for running again. whether its the new trimester or the 65 degree weather, im not sure but i love it! i ran 5 miles yesterday (only stopping to wait for a few cars before crossing the street) at a sub 9 pace, and ran 8 today (i did walk up one hill). although i have loved being kinda lazy (i havent done that in a very long time), i definitely have missed running. i had big plans to run sat am before work and got up at 4:15... packed my lunch, got all my gym/shower/work stuff together and drove to the gym... only to pull in and remember that the gym doesnt open til 6 on saturdays. oof. baby brain in full effect! i forget everything... its terrible. im very happy i decided to do three marathons this year (instead of none like i had originally planned), and although im feeling good running again, i know my mileage wont be anything much more than 15-20 miles a week from here on out. other than sunday, i only have one more race on the schedule for the remainder of this year. im not sure what im going to do next year quite yet other than hoping to get into the beach to beacon 10k in august and im already registered for the mdi marathon in october.

so just a little back story since i kinda just threw it all out that i was suddenly pregnant... i found out at week 5 (or week 3... the whole counting weeks thing is weird, they count your due date 40 weeks from the day your period started... so for the first 2 weeks of those 40 youre not even pregnant. weird). but anyway, i woke up on the day of the lobsterman tri not feeling great. i wasnt sick or anything, just felt tired. i felt sluggish running. i came home to a dog that wouldnt cooperate and ended up crying hysterically and going to bed at like 6pm. and my boobs hurt. bad.

sunday i had to work and just felt blah all day. i didnt feel like eating anything (which is NOT like me at all). i came home and again went right to bed. monday morning i decided maybe i should take a test since my period was late (but i wasnt thinking anything of it since i had been late/missed numerous times this year due to running). as my luck would have it, the test i used was a "+" "-" type thing instead of a two line/one line deal... and i had thrown out the instructions. so it read "+ -" ... and i had to google the damn thing. oops. what am i like 15? who does that? i woke ty up and made him look at the google results too... and then before i left for work i took another test with the one line/two line. yup. pregnant.


it wasnt a mistake or anything but month after month of getting negative test results really gave me some doubts. it still almost seems surreal, even after seeing the very baby shaped ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat.

so i up and stopped drinking a hundred gallons of coffee a day, and sadly gave up my bud light. at 7 weeks i ran the smuttynose marathon and felt great. at 9 weeks i ran mdi marathon and almost passed out (twice). i had to listen to my body, knowing it wasnt all about me anymore. with 3 miles left i considered not finishing, i was that nervous about what was going on. but all in all, i feel good now. a few bouts of dizzyness here and there and i get winded a little more quickly, but thats really it. and so far no weird food cravings (sorry to everyone who is betting ill want pickles!)

id be lying if i said i havent been wanting this for a very long time. i am thankful that i was not made a mom before now (there were many years i was definitely NOT ready), and i really think we are now ready for this crazy adventure (who am i kidding, ill never be really ready haha). im anxious, nervous, excited... everything that comes along with it.

holy crap im gonna be a mom! :)

How far along? 13 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain: 4 pounds, and since im not showing (much) i know exactly where these pounds are going (trust me im not complaining haha). even though i havent gained much weight, i am having some issues with body image and probably will continue to do so throughout. but im trying to eat healthy and maintain a gym/running routine which i guess is all i can really do. ive been able to eat what i want for so long due to running ALL THE MILES so thats quite a change for me.
Maternity clothes? nothing new... but why is everything striped?!
Stretch marks? no. should i start getting some lotion or something?

Sleep: sleeping good but still dont feel like its enough... although i have a LOT more energy this week than i have in the past few. i can finally sleep on my stomach again now that a certain area on my upper body doesnt hurt so freaking bad... but this probably wont last much longer.

Best moment this week: a great 5 mile run yesterday and another good 8 miler today. nothing like 65 degree weather in november! also making maple oatmeal bread in the bread maker and having french toast with it this am.... yum!
Miss Anything? ibuprofen... my poor knees hurt!!
Movement: nope
Food cravings: milk milk and more milk! (sometimes in a frozen form... with oreos)

Anything making you queasy or sick: not yet (knock on wood)
Gender: its a surprise! gonna have to get rid of this question cuz its not gonna change :)

Labor Signs: uh no

Symptoms: ive had this weird pain in my right leg that started last week... it moved from my shin to my ankle, behind my knee, up the back of my leg, and finally into my lower back. it wasnt a deep muscle pain though, it was more just to the touch (like a bad sun burn). i ended up getting an ultrasound done to rule out a blood clot (negative) and then my primary care doc said i was an "enigma". that sounded promising. but it slowly lessened over this weekend and really doesnt hurt much at all anymore. weird.
Belly Button in or out? in. this whole thing freaks me out.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Mood: had a bit of a rough end to last week but pretty much im smiling these days
Looking forward to: seeing friends at the turkey trot 5k this weekend!


  1. You are going to be a fabulous mom!!!! & I don't think we're ever really ready. Just wait until you bring home baby "S" for the first time and you just sit them down and say "now what?" :) Great running my friend!

  2. This is so exciting!! I will look forward to reading your pregnancy/running/running while pregnant blog. :) I'm so happy for you but I don't envy you. I am so done with that part of my life. :):):) And you will be a fabulous mom, But I know you will!

    What is this race you speak of on Sunday? Can I crash it?? I have no plans for Sunday at this moment.

  3. so when you say not finding out you mean...its gonna take a lot of french fries and cookies and then you will tell right?!? i guess waiting is ok too....healthy baby is the important part.

  4. Hey I came across your blog from Meredith's blog. We are nearly in the same boat - i'll be 15 weeks tomorrow. Looking forward to reading how it all goes.

  5. I am literally teary eyed reading this... not sure why. Ha. Anyways, good luck with your running and the months ahead. I, too, am struggling with the body image thing - even though my doctor told me i was thin this week (and yes I have a fairly sizable baby bump) but she said it was all baby which I guess is good. Just remember that after having the baby, subtract 15 lbs immediately and the weight loss doesnt seem overwhelming from there. Its only temporary and then you will be back to running as you did in the past... and maybe with a stroller in hand!

  6. I love reading about this. I hope to someday be in your shoes and totally still busting out speedy miles. (while I can)