Sunday, November 18, 2012

turkey trot 5k

this race recap is gonna be short and sweet, with little to no pics because andy and i royally suck at remembering to take any. sarah bailed on us so it was just the two of us, we hit up dunkin donuts on the way, ran a mile to warm up, and got to the start line shortly before the national anthem was played. my friend jamie found us and we talked for a few, and before we knew it, we were off.

andys grand plan was to run stupid fast just so he could say he beat a pregnant lady running (nice guy, right?) little did he know my original plan was to switch his bib for mine (i ultimately didnt follow through with that plan... see, IM NICE!) but anyway, he took off and left me in the dust and i just put on my tunes and did my thing. i decided not to wear garmin and just run how on feel... i wasnt planning on breaking any records (i hate this course... who designed the last mile uphill?!) and i have a cold and havent been running a lot and and and... (i enjoy complaining...)

my other plan was to run slow anyway... no need to go fast anymore, been there done that :)
i swear this is what the sign said ;)

my mom and dad were at their normal parking spot at about the half mile mark... i pretty much have to jump on the car and do a dance for my mom to see me, but when she did she got out of the car cheering :) thanks mom! then its a nice downhill for a bit and onto a flat stretch into a neighborhood.

mile 1: 7:44

that surprised me since ive been running mostly 8:20s recently. but i knew what i had coming for me in the upcoming miles and just continued on. heading back onto the main road, up a small hill, then into another neighborhood shortly before mile 2... and i see a water stop! my throat had been killing me and the cold air wasnt helping, so i stopped and got water. who gets water in a 5k?! yup, me. delish.

mile 2: 15:50

another uphill... and another... and another (see what i mean about hating this course?!). i had told myself i would NOT walk up the last hill, and i didnt (although it definitely wasnt speedy). once i turned into the straight away towards the end, i turned it up a little and felt strong into the finish line.

mile 3: 24:40

finish: 25:20

andy met me at the finish, we got some water and went into the school where they had bananas, cheese, and cookies. i definitely took advantage of this "running for two" thing and had a cookie. ok i had two. organic means healthy, right?

andy spent the majority of the morning making as much fun of me as he could and then i stopped talking to him for an hour. worst hour of his life, im sure. then i went xmas shopping (see wacko pic below) and had lunch with my parents before taking a nap and watching football. love lazy sundays :)

can someone please tell me WTF this is?
a mermaid doctor holding a lollypop? some lucky friend will be getting this for xmas for sure.


  1. Okay - so you still kick as as a pregnant lady!!! ;) And seriously - what is that ornament?

  2. Well since you already promised me 4 seasons of Felicity for Christmas I am just beyond heart broken that someone else is getting that kick as merman!

  3. If I am not the lucky girl who gets that amazing creepy Dr Merman then we are no longer friends....
    Good race there pregnant lady. :-) I wish you had beaten andy but he was clearly on an annoying mission to take the top prize (jerkface!)

  4. Nice work! I wish I could have made it down but I was just too damn tired to get up early. That's it. No other reason. Plus, I had massive turkey day shopping to do. Stupid holiday. Stuck in the middle of the week. On Dec 2 and 9 my daughter has field hockey practice at USM. That's close to you, right? We could meet for a run while she's practicing! I'll tweet you when we get closer.

  5. Silly blogger, merMAIDS are girls and MerMEN are boys. Cleary Dr Merman over there is a boy thus NOT a Mermaid!!! Duh!