Tuesday, November 6, 2012

worlds youngest marathon maniac?

race registrations: $155
miles driven: 468 miles
race miles run: 52.4
4am track workouts/runs: countless
hours spent running with a great friend, 17 minute PRs for each of us, and knowing there are actually THREE marathon maniacs in these pics: PRICELESS

(me, not sarah... in case there was any confusion haha)
baby sterling... coming may 2013!

How far along? 12 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain: 3.5 lbs
Maternity clothes? ive bought a few long sleeve shirts but havent needed any new pants yet... although i have come out one belt hole on one of my pairs of jeans (and lets be honest, i pretty much live in scrubs and sweatpants haha)
Stretch marks? no

Sleep: i want to sleep ALL THE TIME. three hour nap during the middle of the day? dont mind if i do! go to bed for the night at 5:30pm? sounds great!

Best moment this week: cassies wedding and our ultra sound/seeing & hearing the heart beat!

Miss Anything? sushi and ham & cheese sandwiches (i know you all were thinking this would say bud light and coffee, but surprise! im not craving those at all!)
Movement: no
Food cravings: i want broccoli and milk all the time (not together)

Anything making you queasy or sick: brushing my teeth made me physically ill during the first few weeks but thats subsided now. im very sensitive to smells but nothing has really made me queasy. thankfully ive made it through 12 weeks with NO morning/noon/evening sickness!
Gender: dont know, unsure if we are going to find out yet or not (ty wants to, i kinda dont...). im feeling like its a boy, everyone else seems to think girl. (fetal heart rate 160... so we'll see!)

Labor Signs: no

Symptoms: since the weekend we found out i have been SO emotional. were talking hysterically crying out of no where. emotionaly instability at its finest. and my boobs are sore. holy crap, dont even come within 2 feet. ouch.
Belly Button in or out? in. and im still on the fence about my belly button ring... ive had this same ring since i got it pierced in 1999. im not ready to get rid of it!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Mood: emotional
Looking forward to: thanksgiving :) mmmmm food.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Excited to read your journey along the way! :)

  2. Emotional?!? Who you :) I am so very excited for you and Tyler to add to your crazy zoo!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh that is so exciting!!!! Congrats to you and Ty!!!

    P.S. I still have my belly button pierced from then too and I keep going back and forth whether or not I want to take it out at the beginning of the year or not in preparation for our own attempts next year...

  4. YAY!!!!!! Perfect way to announce the big news :-) I'm very happy for you guys and very excited for the kiddo! He/She is bound to be the fastest kid ever and possibly very very tall. So. Excited.

  5. This is such exciting news!!! I'm so happy for you! Welcome to the crazy world of parenting! Maybe you'll have him/her on my middle kid's birthday 5/2! She was supposed to be cinqo de mayo but decided she wanted to arrive early.... Glad to hear you are feeling well. Morning sickness sucks.

  6. Awwwww. I'm so stoked for you!!! This is such awesome news. I can't wait to hear more. Congrats!

  7. So exciting! Congratulations Danielle!!


  8. Very very very excited for you and Ty!

  9. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I am sooooo excited to read all of this along the way! I bought my little guy a one-sie from my half at 10 weeks... in both of our cases, the little ones will end up not being runners :) so happy for u!

  10. Running buddies are the best! Sarah is great too but I'm talking about the kind that require momma to push a STROLLER!!!
    Congratulations! Excited to follow your updates, take pictures, you'll be glad you have them, they make an awesome beginning to a baby book :)

  11. Seems to be in the water right now...

  12. Congratulations! That is so exciting!