Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28 weeks

how far along? 28 weeks and a few days... im getting kinda bad at this blogging thing
total weight gain: ill find out friday. still hoping to keep total weight gain under 35
babys size/development this week: another arbitrary form of food... a chinese cabbage?! which would be...?? baby weighs about 2 1/4 pounds, and measures 14.8 inches from head to toe. baby can blink and has eyelashes. the lungs can breathe and the brain can control the breathing (love). 
maternity clothes: i bought a few new tops to bring on our trip and a pair of capri pants (that ultimately gave me a nice allergic reaction. yay.) 
sleep: still sleeping thru the night. i think ty is having sympathy sleep cuz hes up at least once if not twice every night. good prep for the upcoming months! 
miss anything? running more (without feeling like i have to pee), being able to stand up/walk around without feeling like i have to pee, laughing without feeling like i have to pee... you get the idea
movement? still all the time, except when i tell someone to feel it kicking. then it stops haha.
food cravings? im on a big fruit kick right now (no oreos!)
anything making you queasy or sick? still nothing, although the plane ride wasn't great (just felt kinda woosy and weird feeling)
best moment of the week: we had fun running the gasparilla 5k in tampa with jared, krystle, rachel and brayden on saturday. (race recap to come)
weird pregnancy thing of the week: after putting a different kind of lotion on my stomach and then putting on a new pair of maternity capris, i broke out in a bad rash that is driving me nuts. sooooo itchy.
nursery: still looks like a bomb went off in there
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: overall ok, minus being slightly more uncomfortable each day
daddy is feeling: "good". so creative this week.
workouts this week: walked a little bit, ran the 5k... not a great week for workouts.
looking forward to: more like not looking forward to going back to snow and cold. 


  1. Congrats on your race!

    Thank you for introducing me to "I love beer and babies" -->hilarious
    thought I would return the favor


  2. Is Westbrook near Freeport? Congrats on the pregnancy. That rash sounds super annoying. Itching is the worst!

    1. yeah we are about 20 ish minutes from freeport

  3. Okay I just saw that you are doing the Shipyard 5k. I am looking at the half. Looks like a good race. Have you done it before?

    1. i havent done that race before but i heard last year (or maybe the year before?) it was soooooo hot. they changed the course this year (it was very similar to the maine half marathon, plus there are some road closures around here that they needed to work around) so i think people are happier about this course than the previous.

  4. You look soo good! Can't believe you did a 5k this week. You rock!