Wednesday, February 20, 2013

27 weeks

how far along? 27 weeks + a few days
total weight gain: lets just say last weeks give up oreos turned into give up oreos by them self... which led to...
babys size/development this week: a head of cauliflower... or 2.5 pints of cookies and cream ice cream. baby is about 2 pounds and 14 inches long.
maternity clothes: in a weird turn of events all my clothes are all suddenly fitting perfectly (i wish). mom got me a few new tops and some shorts for florida and i might buy one or two more tops today. nothing seems to be comfortable. work clothes are getting unbearable as well... my scrubs are too small, the ones i bought are too big... oof. 
sleep: still enjoying a restful nights sleep
miss anything? despite above mentioned restful nights sleep, i cant sleep in past 630. im sure thats late for some people (even me most days) but its annoying (and yes, im fully aware i shouldnt be complaining about the sleep i am getting, see ya later sleep in a few weeks/months...for the rest of my life). i was never one to sleep til 10 or anything but id just like to stay in bed til 8 some days (probably doesnt help i go to bed at 745pm haha). i miss being able to get out of bed/switch from sleeping on my left side to my right side without grunting and getting winded. and getting in and out of the bathroom in less than 5 minutes would be nice (its a process and is bound to just get worse im sure)
movement? definitely had the hiccups yesterday... all. damn. day. tried to get my mom and brother to be able to feel the kicking on sunday but hank did not feel like cooperating.
food cravings? ICE CREAM! must eat all the ice cream! and lucky for me my lovely husband brought me and my co worker some to work yesterday
mmmmm oreos AND m&ms. ugh.

anything making you queasy or sick? not really, but i will say some of the smells in the intensive care yesterday werent my favorite this week. i am very thankful for not getting queasy from the things my job requires me to do sometimes (any nurse/respiratory therapist will understand)
best moment of the week: the lack of snow. ha.
weird pregnancy thing of the week: sure, ill add a new category... although this is all kinda weird/new to me... my belly button ring (which im sure will need to come out sometime soon) has migrated off center. weird.

name ideas: megan :) (can you tell i had some help with this late post?) i am really in love with the names we have picked out though
nursery: i tackled the closet this past week... lots of junk in there (that is now just sitting on the floor, but at least its out of the closet!) also added a new shelf...



(still thinking of adding a paint color in there. i think its too plain)

and then i found this...

this is my new bed, right mom?
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: actually pretty good this week
baby shower invite ideas: narrowed it down to three i think... help?

daddy is feeling: "ready for this damn vacation" (this is supposed to be about the baby)... "really looking forward to next fridays appointment" (is that sarcastic?) "no i like the ultrasounds" (i think thats genuine)
workouts this week: not a lot... but i was able to convince sarah to climb out of bed on her day off to come  hang out with me before i went to work! (15 miles biking, 8.5 miles walking, 2.1 miles elliptical, 2.5 miles running. oops)
looking forward to: leaving for florida on friday, running (ha) a 5k in tampa on saturday, red sox spring training game next week!


  1. You are so cute! I absolutely love the colors. My sister-in-law is having a baby shower in a couple weeks and those are her colors too! I really like the look of the second invite but the 3rd one is so cute!!

  2. I love the bird invitation. so cute! and you are pretty cute too! my cats always loved the crib too. have a great vacation!!

  3. Love the third invite, the pattern matches the blanket in the crib :)

    Have fun in Florida! I say you register for the 5K under baby're bound to win an age group award!!

  4. You are seriously adorable. :) A) I totally approve of the name Megan. Even though I had nothing to do with writing this post. B) LOVE the bottom two invites - the mommy-to-bee is adorable.

    1. I did though :) If we stick together just maybe it will happen!

  5. holy crap! look at that belly!

  6. Lol I LOVE the daddy part... guys always add some great comic relief! I love the mommy-to-bee invite! You look great :)

  7. looking lovely!
    I ate like 3 large blizzards a week. i could not eat enough ice cream!! lol

    love the birdie invite, so cute!

    enjoy FL

  8. I love the Daddy is feeling phrases! I wish my sister had written those down during her pregnancy.