Sunday, February 10, 2013

26 weeks/nemo

im sure everyone knows by now that new england had one hell of a winter storm this weekend. not quite sure when/why they started naming snow storms... i mean, really? its winter, this shit happens... but alas, nemo came and left in a span of over 24 hours, leaving behind 30+ inches of snow on our previously brown lawn (all of the previous storms snow had melted last week).

the town next to ours (gorham) recorded 35.5" of snow, portland just about 31". i dont remember a time when we had this much snow in one storm. the storm wasnt supposed to start until the afternoon on friday, but when we woke up friday morning there was already almost 2 inches on the ground. the "storm before the storm" i suppose. awesome. i went to bed early friday night knowing we would need to get up early to try to shovel our way out so i could get to work (hospitals dont close ya know). shortly before 5am saturday ty and i were up... only to discover our street hadnt been plowed. we were pretty screwed.

duke wasnt so sure why we wouldnt open the back door for him

just let him out there guys, he'll be ok

ty did his best to shovel out the end of the driveway, but when we got in the truck to try to head off to work, the truck got stuck halfway in the driveway/halfway in the street. 4 wheel drive did nothing to help. couldnt drive forward, and then when he tried to back up into the driveway, the wheels just spun and spun. that was fun.

our neighbors car/driveway

about 8am the plow finally came down our street, and then ty had to dig out the nice pile that was left at the end of our driveway.
so impressed

it took us almost 10 minutes to get to the highway (a 2ish mile drive), wind gusts were up in the 40mph range and the drifts on the road made visibility horrendous. when we got to the highway entrance we found all three lanes had a red light. we both looked at each other and said "huh?" something we had never seen before. two cars were parked on the side of the road and we asked them what was going on and they told us the highway entrance was closed. so we headed out to the airport/mall area to see if we could get on at that entrance... same thing. reports on the news were saying that even the highway had zero visibility so we knew the side roads down to my work wouldnt be much better, so we turned around and went home. it sucked that i had to call out and leave my co workers there but it just didnt seem safe to try to make the 20 mile drive in these conditions.

the snow seemed to end sometime in the afternoon, but the wind kept blowing all the snow around. its a shame i couldnt help ty shovel (hehe, im so sad, cant you tell?) but he was a trooper (and is now laid out on the couch with a bottle of advil and a heating pack, poor guy). so this is it, right? im starting to think that dumb groundhog is a sneaky little liar. come on spring!

how far along? 26 weeks
total weight gain: yeah that whole "no more oreos" thing isnt going so well... lets just say i havent had to buy bigger maternity clothes yet (i really in need of a good workout though)
babys size/development this week: an english hothouse cucumber? who comes up with these things?! (the size of a head of lettuce from another site)
maternity clothes: nothing new, but i need to get a few things next week for our trip to florida!
sleep: im sleeping great actually... once my head hits the pillow i am OUT! and i dont wake up until my alarm goes off (or chips starts jumping around my head whipping her tail in my face). im feeling very lucky after reading a lot of other women around this time getting up multiple times to pee. i apparently either dont drink enough water during the day or just pee enough times that i dont have to in the night.
miss anything? nothing new that i havent already been missing... running, my normal clothes, not being winded walking up one flight of stairs (and omg dont get me started on why i even attempted the stairmaster at the gym the other day... exercise.machine.of.DEATH! after 30 seconds i was dyyyyying. but somehow managed to make it 10 whole minutes.)
movement? this not so little one is quite active all the time. ty got to feel it switch positions the other day... his face was priceless (he had only felt kicks so far). its definitely an indescribable feeling. my newest enjoyment is putting my cell phone or the remote on my belly and watching it move. crazy!
food cravings? bacon/egg/cheese/avacado on english muffins. mmmm. (im craving them but have so far only had one. and it was just kinda meh. looked better in the picture on pinterest.... which is the absolute worst site when youre pregnant, trust me. i want to eat all the things and pretty much redesign our entire house in the next 3 months. ty is continuously rolling his eyes when im all "so i have this idea we should do...")
anything making you queasy or sick? nope
best moment of the week: beating ty in our snow day scrabble tournament haha
name ideas: nemo? jk.
nursery: i cleaned out the closet this am (had a whole bunch of junk in there... that is now just sitting in the nursery waiting to be gone through.... i should just throw it all out, i have no idea whats in all the boxes anyway!) im thinking of painting the inside of the closet and/or getting some more shelves put in for storage. gotta go check out home depot or lowes today or tomorrow.
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: i just feel kinda sluggish and my workouts sucked this week
daddy is feeling: after all of the shoveling yesterday/today, daddy is tired and sore! he claims he is excited for the kid to come along so that he can put them to work
workouts this week: laaaame... 2.5 miles running (ugh), 18 miles biking, 3.5 miles walking, 10 minutes on the stairmaster of death


  1. I still can NOT believe how much snow we got! Craziness. Love the picture of you next to the snow pile! What hospital do you work at? CMMC by any chance?
    Your workouts aren't lame, I think you are amazing to stay so active while 26 weeks pregnant!

  2. I actually work at southern maine med in biddeford :)

  3. OMG the snow! My parents got 27 inches in CT, only 12 inches here in NYC! You look ADORABLE!

  4. That is a lot of snow. You look great in your pics. You are only 1.5 weeks behind me so am loving the updates.

  5. so much snow! I'm not really liking it. My 4 miler yesterday was like climbing mt washington--between the hills and the snow.

    You are looking super cute as usual and I'm glad you are feeling well. Not much longer now! :)

  6. Holy cow. No part of living amongst the snow looks like fun :-/

    Except you, you look adorable. Also, like you need a heavy jacket and gloves. Brrr.