Sunday, April 14, 2013

35 weeks

i feel like my face looks so distorted in this pic. hrumph.

how far along? 35 weeks
total weight gain: only gained 2 pounds in between the last doctors appointment (2 weeks) so im feeling good about that. 
babys size/development this week: baby is growing fast and is just over 18 inches long (probably 20 in my case) and probably just at or slightly above 5 pounds. another week of a fruit that i know to compare to... a honeydew melon! kidneys are fully developed and the liver is starting to process some waste products. most of the physical developments are complete now and it will just spend the remaining weeks gaining weight (hopefully not too much!) and as my father-in-law nicely said, the next few weeks are for the head to keep growing. thanks john!
maternity clothes: i got a couple of tops from old navy (buy one get one free!), a tank top from the gap, and the long and lean maternity jeans at gap were on sale from $70 (who actually pays that?!) to $35, and then rang up at $24. win. also, i went from a size 6 back to a size 4. double win. (still not trying on my pre pregnancy jeans until... october?)
miss anything? sleeping on my stomach... sleeping in general... being able to tie my shoes... 
food cravings? got back on a BLT kick for a few days but that has subsided. i just still kinda want what i want when i want it (which isnt much different than when im not pregnant). i had the most amazing turkey burger with avacado today and really awesome french fries. wish we had a yard house closer by!
anything making you queasy or sick? nope
sleep: still havent been needing to wake up and pee at night, but im also still not sleeping well. just lying in bed, thinking i guess. was also rudely awoken at 4am saturday morning by a contraction which sucked big time. that whole natural child birth thing might have to be rethought. (alright it wasnt that bad, but it did hurt. and i wasnt expecting it, nor the one that followed about an hour later). the best part of this whole thing was that i texted my mom from the gym later that morning and she called all in a panic asking when she needed to come to the hospital. mom- if im in labor i will call you, not text you haha. also then rudely awoken this morning at 3am by chips puking up hairballs on the bedroom floor. which then turned into duke wanting to go out after hearing the commotion of us awake upstairs. awesome. were in for a fun/sleepless summer i think.
best moment of the week: watching clay make it to the 7th with a no hitter and singing sweet caroline with great friends at fenway!
nursery: still just organizing more and more... got the changing table all prepared, clothes are washed and put away, bed is made. also started packing the hospital bags... i cant decide what i want to bring for the baby so there are currently about 20 pieces of clothes set out that we need to pick through.
wedding rings on or off? on
movement? still moving a lot. apparently the head has made its way down, according to the doctors feel anyway (yay!), and they will confirm it at next weeks ultrasound just to be sure. im much more comfortable than i was when the head was up, but having the head down makes for a whole new/different way of being uncomfortable. im pretty sure i have never peed so many times in one day before.
weird pregnancy thing of the week: the hormones seem to be shifting again and im crying a lot more. the other night ty mentioned something about bringing duke to see the lady that we bought him from to show her how big he has gotten. then ty was like "and he can hang out with/play with cabela!" (dukes mom). i started crying thinking of how sad it is that we took duke away from his mom and that his mom had all her puppies taken away from her. good lord.
daddy is feeling: too busy playing candy crush saga to answer (he asked me to show him how to play one night and i found him the next morning obsessively crushing candies. we both love to hate that game.)
mommy is feeling: more and more anxious. seems weird to say that if i have the baby on my due date i only have 15 days left of work... maybe even less! (im scheduled to work the day before my due date)
workouts this week: 6.1 miles walking, 18 miles biking, 5 miles elliptical
looking forward to: a fun upcoming weekend with friends, and looking forward to meeting this little wonder ive been growing!


  1. You are getting so close!!! and you look great!

  2. can you plesae send me some lives in CC?

  3. OMG I could have written this entire post--minus the contraction part. Hormonal-check, almost done with nursery-check (even though you are way ahead of me with your bag packing), feeling anxious-check. We're almost there friend! I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or a girl :D

  4. You look great! I'm at 17 weeks and I just love reading your posts! I gotta admit that I totally stole this survey and have been filling it out on my own blog. How wonderful to be so close to the end! :)

    1. i hope youre feeling good!! :) ive definitely very anxious