Sunday, April 28, 2013

37 weeks- full term!


how far along? 37 weeks
total weight gain: 35 lbs
babys size/development this week: at wednesdays ultrasound they said hank weighs just at about 6 lbs (right on track). my belly is still measuring about an inch or two small. says hank is the size of a stalk of swiss chard... back to the unknown vegetables. ill go with tiffanys comparison- a watermelon! yum! and large. my belly definitely feels heavier to carry around and is constantly hard.
maternity clothes: yup. and im running out of options of things to wear but im not going to buy anything else. i cant wait to get back to my closet full of spring/summer clothes!
miss anything? being able to bend over and comfortably tie my shoes (glad im mostly wearing flip flops and clogs now), my ankles... yup, swelling started this week (as the weather has gotten warmer and walking around a lot more)
food cravings: avacado and coffee!
anything making you queasy or sick? the noro virus made me very sick last sunday night. gross.
sleep: sleeping with my legs/feet propped up now since the ankle swelling began. oh the joy (but i am comfortable sleeping on my back, which i probably shouldnt do but whatever, doing it anyway)
best moment of the week: both my work and tys work threw us surprise baby showers on the same day!! mmmmmm cake. and being able to see hank moving all around on the 3D/4D ultrasound... kept moving the hands in front of the face like it didnt want us to peek in on him/her, but we got a few squished looking pics, and i fell in love with the fat chubby fingers.
nursery: all clean and ready!
weddings rings on or off? wedding band on, sometimes
movement? theres not a whole lot of room for hank to move around anymore so any and all movement is magnified by a trillion. a lot of it is now pretty uncomfortable.
labor signs? other than the contractions a few weeks ago, nothing new. and i definitely dont think i have "dropped" yet. doctor said i am about a fingertip dilated on wednesday, didnt say anything about efacement, which is fine since i dont really know what that is anyway.
weird pregnancy thing of the week: i know the ankle swelling isnt abnormal at this time but my right ankle is definitely more swollen than the left. so i think thats weird.
daddy is feeling: "ready.... for now. that will change once the baby is here im sure".
mommy is feeling: anxious, excited, nervous, ready to be done.
workouts this week: is violently vomiting a workout? i say yes! burned calories and got rid of everything in my body. win (barf, quite literally). i walked a little bit this week but with the swelling in my ankles towards the end of the week i decided to stay off my feet and eat pop tarts. heh.
looking forward to: tomorrow.


  1. UGH! Noro virus while pregnant seems especially cruel!! Glad you are feeling better and you look fantastic!

  2. Glad you are feeling better..take it easy you will soon be very busy and tired :)

  3. LOVE the nursery, great colors! Can't wait for the "baby is here" post :)

  4. Eric says he saw you today and I was jealous because i miss your preggers self! I still cringe in horror thinking of you suffering with the dreaded noro last week, that shit is legit :-(
    Time for the baby to come on out. let's go! ready to meet him/her!

  5. yay! full term! when my feet swell, i think my right does more than my left too. hopefully it won't be too much longer! :)

  6. Full term! Wahoo :D Glad you are feeling better...augh that must have been so scary. But at least you got a test run at being a patient...? Babes almost here!

  7. Love the nursery! Glad you're feeling better this week! Almost time, almost time!

  8. Mmm Pop Tarts! LOL! It's almost time, I'm so excited for you!!!

  9. So happy for you except for your puking. :)