Monday, June 17, 2013

henry: week four

weight: (vague estimate based on me on the scale then bringing henry on the scale with me) 8.2 lbs! he might have had a full belly though, but im sure he is just at 8lbs, if not just over.

health: other than still being kinda gassy (we've been using a little gas relief medicine which has seemed to help) he is doing well. he also has a nice face full of baby acne (breast milk seems to be helping with that).

love you too, bubba!

sleep: this last week of sleep was terrible. i think henry was going through a growth spurt and was constantly fussy, gassy, and wanting to eat. we barely slept on wednesday, thursday and friday night. on saturday night i decided to try having henry sleep in the pack and play. we can put him in the sleeper part any time of day and he will sleep sound in there, but when we go to bed at night he wants nothing to do with his co sleeper, bassinet, or even our bed with us. i slept downstairs on the couch and he fell asleep from 10:20pm-3:40am, and then again from 4:30am-6am. yesterday we moved the pack and play up to the nursery, set up the baby monitors, and he slept again for a 4 hour stretch and a 2 hour stretch. it was weird to not have him in the bedroom with us (and chips certainly seemed to enjoy having our bed back!) but getting the sleep was amazing. sadly, henrys nursery is very crowded now.

clothes: his basic white newborn onesies that used to be big on him are now feeling a little tighter. his newborn tshirt/shorts outfit with the caterpillar and turtle fit him better than they used to.

he might look like he's happy in the onesie old aunt brenda 
sent him but he's gonna be a sox fan!

nicknames: bubba

outings: henry came with me to get lunch at panera, a few more trips to babies r us, henrys first trip to mellen street market and the bowling alley (parents of the year!), and the airport to pick up cassie!

baby gear love: clearly after getting two nights in a row of 6 hours of sleep, im loving the pack and play. also still very happy with the ergo, and even dad seems to enjoy it!

the 5 S's: swaddling- still hates it. i tried to swaddle him the other night to get him to sleep and he just screamed. he loves having his arms out and his legs stretched out (yet he will curl all up on my chest. go figure). side lying- loves. shushing- still doesnt do anything for him. sucking- all the time. still enjoying the pacifier, and before it falls out of his mouth while he is sleeping you can see that he is just sucking away. swinging- henry likes his new bouncer/swing!

crying: same, cries when hes hungry or needs to be changed. overall hes a very happy baby.

milestones: smiling and laughing, much more alert and looking around. henry has successfully taken a bottle twice from ty and hung out while we all ate lobster! (and mommy had fun with babymugging!)

postpartum/motherhood: the weekend was pretty taxing on me both physically and emotionally. my best friend was in town to meet henry and all he wanted to do was eat so i felt pretty bad that i wasnt being all too entertaining with my boobs out all the time (well for some people that is entertainment... haha xoxo cass!).
i was exhausted from not getting good sleep and i just didnt know if i was meting all of henrys needs. i ran 8.6 slow miles last week... felt great to get back out there. im still about 8lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight, but im not sure i even care about getting back to my original weight. i also know that once i start training/running more, ill gain muscle back that i lost which will add pounds. i feel fine with the way i look now other than wanting to tone up more, and i know that will come (my pre pregnancy clothes fit for the most part).

best text of the week: adding this in here because... its awesome. and so true. today would be a great beach day... ill be feeding and changing diapers, and maybe taking a nap.

how are chips and duke? overall the pets are doing ok. duke spent much of the weekend out in the yard eating sticks. while henry was chillin in his bouncer swing, duke went up to him and licked his whole face. henry just kinda grimmaced, not quite sure of what had just happened. chips attempts to sneak out onto the deck whenever she can (probably to escape the crazyness!) and has enjoyed chasing, capturing, and eating flies that get in to the house.

hows daddy feeling? (convo with ty and his mom this am after i asked him this question)
 ty- "im good"
 debra- "say something more interesting"
 ty- "why cuz this blog always shows me as being bland? do you want me to be honest? im feeling tired, hungry, and i need to poop."
 debra (rolling her eyes, me too)- "this is supposed to be about henrys one month update, not your personal needs"
 ty- "i feel like this month really flew by. better?"

you just gotta love him.

sterling three generations photo


  1. Ty cracks me up. Great comments. :)

  2. Awww, love all these Henry photos! You could just eat him up, he's so adorable! And I LOVE that turtle outfit! We kind of have a thing for turtles (it is going to be our nursery theme). The hubs and I were just talking last night about how the dog is going to need to adjust when the new baby comes. It is going to rock her routine for sure! But, I'm positive they'll eventually become best friends. :)

  3. Love all the photos. He is just the tiniest little peanut! So adorable. Glad to hear all is going well. I can't believe he's already a month old! I'm so far behind on blog reading!

  4. Great update and my favorite picture is the last one with all 3 generations. You all look very happy!