Tuesday, June 11, 2013

henry: week three

weight: the visiting nurse came yesterday and weighed him at 7lbs 9oz. little porker!

health: things still seem great minus the occasional gas (ive sadly cut out/down dairy and that has seemed to help)

sleep: ill let the pics do the talking (please note, these pics were all taken during the day... darn kid has his days and nights mixed up i think!)

clothes: his newborn onesies are finally looking more like they fit. socks are staying on his feet a little better.

nicknames: nothing new but we laugh when we realize we are sometimes calling duke and henry interchangable names haha

outings: we went to a breastfeeding group with lisa and her son gavin last week then stopped by and saw my friend cheryl from work. on friday lisa and heather came over to the house for a play date with henry, gavin, and parker, and on sunday henry met his cousin ronan for the first time to celebrate his 1st birthday! (side note: im so excited that ronan and henry are 11 months apart... my cousin erica and i are 11 months apart and were/are very good buds. love that they will grow up together!)

gavin, parker, henry... buds for life!

cousin love!

baby gear love: im currently loving the ergo carrier since henry wont let me put him down without screaming bloody murder. he falls right asleep in here. we bought huggies diapers to try and i didnt like them so we went back to target brand. (cloth diapers will start soon, 8lbs!)

"the 5 S's": swaddling- still isnt a fan, kicks his feet out and arms want to be free. side lying- loves. shushing- does nothing to sooth him. sucking- still loving his pacifier at certain times (helps when ive just fed and hes clean and he just wont settle down). it tends to fall out right as he is falling asleep (we're using the tommee tippee bpa free newborn clear shield pacifier. only complaint is not being able to find them because they are clear/hard to see!). swinging- after sending my MIL on a consignment store search and finding a few options for used swings (thanks for looking!!), i found a 20% off coupon from babies r us and mom and i found this new bouncer/swing... we'll see how it works (thanks mom!)

crying: this morning, a lot. usually, not too bad. related: i need more coffee.

milestones: we've continued doing tummy time to get his head and neck strong which he seems to almost enjoy (and is doing great with his head). we also tried the "walking reflex" and he is doing awesome with that too. its really amazing to see how the body works/knows what to do. henry is making more noises every day and is more awake/alert, taking it all in. it also seems like he is focusing more and might be able to see further than the 8-12 inches like last week.

postpartum/motherhood: still feeling good, although i now know/can feel i am very sleep deprived... which leads to random crying and moments of feeling very overwhelmed. ive learned that i cant do it all, and that its ok to ask for help. related: who wants to come clean my house? i started slowly running this past weekend... one mile on saturday, two miles on sunday. i felt pretty short of breath, and my heart was racing, but overall it felt good. my legs are very sore right now... the muscle loss over the past few months is crazy, but it feels good to get back out there and feel that soreness again. we're still walking every day as well.

how are duke and chips? chips is still really curious but is really great around henry. still likes to sniff his head and then run away. im not exactly sure where she sleeps at night (although there is cat hair all over the guest bed and changing table) but she waits by the bedroom door in the morning for when we open the door and comes right in to see us.

thank you amy for making me this gem

duke... sigh. he is definitely showing signs of feeling like he is taking the back seat to henry. it sucks that we cant focus on him (he is still very much a puppy despite being 92 freaking pounds!). im not exactly sure how this happened but i looked out the window this morning and this is what i found...

duke: 1. fence: 0.

hows daddy doing? daddy is wishing that he had 6 months of paternity leave (so is mommy... why dont we live in canada?!)


  1. glad you guys are doing well! the picture of henry and ronan cracks me up...ronan's like, "who is this kid?" my cousin's baby and liam will be about 3 months apart, and we're so excited that they will be close in age. cousins are the best! :)

  2. Aww, I love these weekly Henry updates! He is just so adorable. He sure is catching Zs like a champ!

    Did you register for a bouncer or swing? I registered for both based on some recommendations from a friend. She didn't register for a swing and regretted the decision. She pretty much told me I had to register for a swing so I did. :)

    Aw, poor Duke. I'm worried about the same thing from our pup. We have a feeling she'll get jealous and act out, taking the baby's toys and everything else she can get her hands on. She has already been acting brattier than usual so I think she knows that some change is coming!

    1. we didnt register for a bouncer or swing. we have a little thing that is a manual bouncer but its annoying cuz you have to sit there and manually do it. i agree, just register for all the things haha. you can always take stuff back :)
      duke definitely acted out at the beginning but then we really tried to include him and things got better. today hes just acting like a jerk. its so fun (not). they definitely sensed things were changing though, thats for sure. animals are smarter than we think!

    2. Good to know about Duke. I think we are going to do an introduction to the various toys once they arrive (stroller, swing, Pack N Play, carseat, etc.) so she can investigate without a baby inside. Also, we want to teach her which toys are hers and which toys are for the baby. I think that will be quite a bit harder. We'll have to figure it all out when the time comes. Maybe you could provide some tips in a post or something on how you prepared your pets for Baby's arrival?

  3. Sleeping babies ... I die.

    While I was out on maternity leave Shaun came home a few times to find me crying on the back porch for no apparent reason...we've all been there lol

    Random tip of pacifiers: I forced Harper to take one (she was a hand sucker and I wanted to nip that in the bud!!)She wasn't a big fan at first, we actually tried 4 brands before we found one she'd tolerate (picky picky) The trick is to try to pull the pacifier out when you see them start to suck, it kicks in their suck reflex. Took Harper just a few days to get the hang of it once I started doing that.

    Good for you for getting back out there! Feels good to be sore from something other than lugging around a big belly huh?

  4. Yay for running! Boo for not sleeping. I remember it well. The dog and cat should be fine. We never had any problems with either. That pic with his mouth open catching flies is precious! Love it.

  5. Man that is one cute baby right there. He needs to sleep at night though, seriously. That would have me ALL kinds of upset and needing ALL kinds of coffee too! Despite the lack of sleep you look great. Making mommies everywhere mad at your apparent instant transformation to pre-preggers Danielle! Good job you :-)

  6. I will for sure come clean you house. I LOVE to clean so it would be like a vacation. Plus, maybe you'll let me hold they long legged baby Henry while YOU get in a nap!