Tuesday, June 4, 2013

henry: week two

weight- at his first doctors appt on wednesday he weighed 6lbs 15oz... over his birth weight already!

health- seems to be doing great. doesnt love the antibiotic every day but is geting better at taking it (and not spitting it everywhere haha... also helps when dad doesnt squirt the entire dropper into his mouth all at once!)

sleep- something to be desired... sleeps great (and often/anywhere) during the day. nighttime, not so much. henry will fall asleep after feeding in my arms or in bed with us but when we put him into the bassinette, awake and alert and crying. oof. we have gotten a few three hour stretches though... ill take what i can get (i have yet to master sleeping when he sleeps during the day)

well maybe i slept one day
clothes- mostly wearing newborn onesies. he swims in the 0-3 month onesies. and he hates wearing socks. we're constantly finding him with one sock on, having to search for where the other one was kicked off (which usually end up in dukes mouth). he also tends to pee out the top of his diaper (we have to fold the tops of the newborn diapers to avoid the umbilical cord) so hes wearing a lot of different clothes every day.
nicknames- so many! poor kids gonna have an identity crisis... henry man, H man, mr. bubbles, mr. squiggle squirms, and of course hank!

outings- henry took his first trip to target (loved it!) and the beach (slept almost the entire time)

baby gear love- henry loves sleeping in the newborn napper part of the graco pack and play. the bob revolution stroller is great... easy to assemble and break down to store (now that i actually read the instructions and figured out how to do it). aden and anais blankets are lightweight and incredible. noodle & boo lotions/shampoo smell so good. still getting used to the ergo carrier but he falls asleep in that too, and it makes getting things done around the house much easier.

did a little more nursery decorating this week

"the 5 S's"- swaddling- not a huge fan, but likes the actual swaddling sacks since he doesnt have to curl up his feet. he loves stretching his feet out. and if you try to tuck his arms in, they will somehow find their way out. side lying- he does this occasionally. shushing- doesnt seem to do much. swinging- we dont have a specific swing, but he likes to sway and be swung in the car seat if youre carrying it. sucking- kid loves to BF... has only used a pacifier when he was getting his procedures done in the hospital and seemed to enjoy it (will start giving him one eventually, just not yet), and he definitely found his thumb.

crying- not too bad (knock on wood)... mostly hungry or change me cries. also when/if hes a little gassy. and in the first 1/2 mile of his first walking 5k last wednesday... thanks for the DNF kid!

milestones- henry is definitely more vocal, making lots of silly noises. he is able to hold his head up while doing tummy time and tries to do the walking/standing reflex (hasnt mastered that one quite yet). he definitely recognizes mommy and daddy's voice and will turn his head or eyes to where our voice is coming from. he has smiled a few times, but i think most of them were because of gas haha. henrys 2nd bath went much better than the 1st.

postpartum/motherhood- motherhood is freaking awesome. i have never felt love like this before (i cannot say that enough). ive learned that ill never get everything done like before. ive figured out ways to get things with my feet, and almost mastered a few daily tasks while BF'ing (specifically making the bed, folding laundry & going to the bathroom). i make up silly songs ("where are henrys socks" and "why wont henry fall asleep" to name a few), sing songs to him from the radio (hootie, ke$ha, taylor swift... sorry henry!) and love reading him stories (favorite so far- "wherever you are my love will find you"- thank you katie for sending it to me! and making me a crying mess reading it!) overall (despite being sleep deprived) i feel great, my recovery didnt take long and i've dropped 30lbs so far. we've gone on walks and ive started some arm lifting with weights and squats. im thinking 2 more weeks and ill start jogging (sloooooowly). after all, marathon training technically starts on june 17th!

how are duke and chips? of course we cant forget brother and sister! chips could kinda care less, she comes up and sniffs/rubs her face on henrys head and then runs off. she doesnt appear to be too upset that shes been kicked out of the bedroom at night. duke hasnt liked the heat wave that came through but it has made him much less spastic than he had been. he enjoys giving henrys head a nice big lick, and stealing socks. and he is very happy that daddy and friends built a fence this weekend to play in the backyard! (mommy is very happy for this too!)

hows daddy doing? (as heard on our walk yesterday am...) "daddy, arent you just so in love?" "right now im really in love with the idea of getting home and having a cup of coffee with my bagel and hummus". translated: daddy is overjoyed with love and happiness. also, his facebook status from yesterday: "as i sat here in the chair watching tv with henry on my lap, i was hit with a sudden warmth. was it the warming feeling of love? of contentment? of pure happiness? nope. pee. it was pee."

and thanks to meg for sending this to me...

please excuse me, i seem to have gotten something in my eyes...


  1. what might help with the peeing thing is making sure his little man is pointed down... Someone actually had to tell me that which is why I'm sharing it with you. Just in case you didn't know. :) I had 2 girls before the boy and no such peeing problems.

    In the disposable diapers, the Huggies did much better with the boy and Pampers with my girls. No idea why.

    Glad things are going so well for you! and losing 30 lbs already?? wow! good for you! You'll be back to your girlish figure in no time.

    1. yeah we've tried angling him down... he is so squirmy it seems like sometimes it works sometimes not. were using target diapers that I like better than pampers, haven't tried huggies. we can't use cloth diapers til hes over 8lbs, hoping that will help as well.

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  2. Woah! I'm jealous of all the tasks you've mastered while BFing! That's great! Ha I'm still stuck on the couch while doing it and if I don't have the remote, my phone and water near me then I'm out of luck until Elliott's done.

  3. oh gosh he is just the cutest thing!!! I can't wait to meet his little face :-)

  4. Aww, little H is so adorable! I love how tiny he looks in his infant carrier, but that is just how small babies are! :) Duke with the socks is hilarious. That will probably be my dog too.

    I registered for a few of the things you've liked so I'm hoping they work out nicely for me too. We did the Pack N Play with the newborn napper/changer instead of a bassinet. Also, based on more than one recommendation I picked out some aden and anais swaddling blankets.

    And that commercial is definitely tear-worthy!

    1. The pack and play is awesome...he loves it! If it wasn't so big I would put it in our bedroom.

  5. henry is so so cute danielle! that pic of him holding his thumb in his mouth? i die! adorable overload!! i'm very anxious to hear how returning to running goes for you...have you been taking lots of walks? i plan on doing that as much as possible!

  6. Henry *might* just be the cutest baby ever. Seriously. Those long legs!!! And I love how you are taking everything in stride. I imagine it is a process. Good for you for giving your new little family some slack. You'll find what works for y'all!
    And can we talk about how much I like your shower curtain? Random, I know.
    Back to Henry pictures. Awwwwww!

  7. I am in LOVE with this post!!! Sound like you are getting the hang of things. Motherhood comes naturally to you. Oh and the picture of you two sleeping on the couch.....adorable!! It's so amazing to see how alert he is at only two weeks old. You guys are going to have your hands full when he gets older. :) Glad to hear things are going well and you are enjoying your little one so much.