Friday, September 20, 2013

henry: four months!

we go to the doctor next week so we will find out then, but according to my scale henry weighs between 15 and 16 pounds!

still doing well. his next nephrology follow up appointment is at the end of the month. i dont think he has any ultrasounds until 6 months so im not quite sure what they will tell us at this appointment. henry is still taking bactrim (switched from amoxicillin at 2 months). bactrim tastes terrible compared to the amoxicillin (ist supposed to be grape flavored, and yes i tried it) and henry has started making faces and spitting it out. it makes medicine time lots of fun to fight with. but, happy and healthy is all we can really ask for.

henry has long legs like daddy and a long torso like mommy, so needless to say clothes of all sizes fit him in different ways. feety pajamas are a nightmare (but a necessity since the kid wont keep socks on his feet and im still terrified to put a blanket in bed with him). different brands of clothes also fit differently... he still fits into a select few 3 month onesies, and is mostly in 6 months of certain things and 9 months of others. im so sad to part with all the things he doesnt fit into anymore (any maybe even only wore once! if that!) i pulled out a bunch of things that we used to love putting him in (and used to be big on him!) and they look ridiculously tiny. i miss little baby henry!!! just for fun i put the outfit on him that we brought him home from the hospital in... well i tried anyway:

dont think it fits anymore, mom...

still a super sleeping rock star! (knock on wood) bed time starts around 8pm every night... change of clothes, new diaper, lotion, book or songs, then in the crib with maurice, turn on the mobile, nightlight, and sheep sound machine and he is out within 10 minutes (they need to make mobile songs last longer, we have to go in at least 3 times to wind the damn thing up!). he will start to stir around 5:15 or 5:30. 6 at the latest, but just lays there and sucks his thumb until we go in. (he has slept through the night since about 9 weeks, with only one night where he woke up wanting to feed at 1am a few weeks ago. im feeling very lucky, as i know a few moms with kids his age who are still waking once, if not twice, a night for feedings). naps during the day have been less consistent, usually one short one the in morning and a longer one during the afternoon. lately he has been fighting naps big time. i might just be busy and not notice how long he actually sleeps but i always feel like he will only take 3 hour naps when im at work (he NEVER takes a 3 hour nap when im home!) i also got him to successfully take a 1 hour nap in his crib. we'll continue working on this.

henry apparently cried two days straight when my mom was babysitting and my dad was holding him. sorry about that! (we definitely think he is teething) i know were really really lucky, but this kid rarely cries. (oh, but earlier this week we went out for a run in the stroller... i had my headphones on and when i stopped at a mile and pressed pause, he was waaaaaaaaaaailing. haha oops)

rolling over! the day after his 3 month blog was posted henry finally made the first official roll. his arm was still stuck underneath him, but it didnt prevent him from being fully on his belly. we have yet to make the move from belly to back.

duke was anxiously awaiting the big roll

i did it! what now?? ill just suck on my hands.

and then sometimes he tries to roll over and gets stuck (of course i take pics first before helping)

we have tried to transition to the medium flow bottle nipples (the box says 3+ months) but he wants nothing to do with them and spits it all out. hes talking a lot now and has laughed a few times, but mostly he just has this huge grin on his face with no sound (and lots and lots of drool!)

henry also has discovered his feet!

baby gear love
the bumbo seat! we've come a long way from when i first tried him in it-

just over 2 months old

almost outgrowing it!

grammy nappi also bought henry a new fun play seat and an alphabet mat for her house!

ill give you one guess who changed the letters around...
can we spell m.a.t.u.r.i.t.y?

and of course i am loving the B.O.B. the ride is so smooth to run with, henry seems to enjoy it- he usually stays awake for awhile but is always sleeping by the time we get back home. rotating the front wheel is super easy (you lock it when youre running and unlock it when walking) and allows for quick turns when walking and maneuvering through stores. its also super easy to take down and store, and has a nice storage space underneath. (we had the car seat attachment for the first few months for walks but he sits well in it now the regular way. we also got the console addition for the handle bar for drinks, keys, phone, etc. which is great)


first official run with the B.O.B. stroller 
(and many many more to come!)

olive garden
they gave us a baby sling to put him in... didnt quite understand that the car 
seat was supposed to go in it, not just the baby. fail.


a lot of people told me that the medium sized g diapers could potentially be big enough to get henry through potty training... some of these are looking pretty small (we have a giant growing before our eyes!) but im not sure i really want to invest in the large size covers. i might look into a different brand that would be a bit bigger (etsy has a ton of cute shops), although the inserts we have will fit large covers so it might still make sense to stick with g diapers. he is almost growing out of the size 2 disposable diapers from target, we havent yet tried a size 3. ill need to look at the cost of buying a few more cloth diapers and see if its worth it. i dont mind the cloth diapers, it has its ups and downs. we've gotten used to it but it is still a bit more of a process.

as of this past tuesday, henry is exclusively formula fed (deeeeep breath). my breastfeeding story is a whole other story in itself, but long story short i tried to stretch it out until today but it just wasnt in the cards. i gave him what i could for as long as i could, and for that i am grateful. im hoping the doctor will tell us we can start trying to feed him at our next appointment. we've been supplementing with enfamil gentlease formula since about 1 month (he was very gassy and this seemed to do the trick), and last month i found that hannaford had their own 360 brand of the same formula. for $10 less. i compared ingredients side by side and it looked like they were exactly the same so i thought why not (but the color of the formula was just slightly lighter...) with the change in formula he didnt poop for 4 days. then he had a massive one. and then it slowly but consistently turned to a green hard paste (think avacado or wasabi... sorry, TMI). it just didnt seem right, and he appeared to be straining when he was trying to go, poor buddy. so we switched back to enfamil. oh well, sorry for trying to save a buck kid. no private school for you (and get a job already, would ya!) last week i made/froze our own applesauce, pears, and peas (and let henry lick my fingers with the pear juice on it... he didnt hate it!) i also made some oatmeal cereal and we let him try a very watery bite... that didnt go so well.

what the f is this?!

yes ill be happy just feeding me a bottle thanks


(im creative but not that creative. thanks for the help, julie!)

taking his antibiotic, swallowing all the spit that pools in his mouth, nap time, and he doesnt always seem to be so into selfies with mommy (i would like to say this has nothing to do with the zillion of pics i take of him daily...)

other stuff
- i dont know how i have any hair left, i should seriously be bald (i knew people said your hair falls out after you have a baby but this is seriously ridiculous!)
- an email i sent to a few of my mommy friends the other morning read: "heres the most accurate description of motherhood... i ran last night when i got home from work. i didnt shower (and still havent). im having coffee and potato chips for breakfast in my sweatpants and hoodie, and making a "to do" list that i might just stare at all morning. winning." this is the majority of my days.
- i commend all you stay at home moms and single parents. i couldnt do it.
- daniel tigers neighborhood the other day was all about trying new things and "how do you know you dont like something unless you've tried it". anyone who knows me knows i wasnt ok with this episode. and hes an animated bear imitating mr. rogers. i already dont trust him. if he has a show about pickles, ill never let henry watch again!
- i love the look in henrys eyes when you can tell he is learning something
- i fully understand why my mom always wanted us to let her know where we were going when we left/wake her up when we got home

so hard to believe 4 months have gone by
we love you more and more every day, henry aaron!

i am the great corn-holio!

happy 4 months little man!


  1. That's awesome that you're teaching him to spell at such an early age.

    1. gotta get him a full scholarship to duke somehow

  2. Henry is giant! My first kid was 16 lbs at a year! can you say peanut? The other two were chunky monkeys though. Maybe I was starving her and just didn't know. hmmmm. Sorry about that kid.

    Anyway, Henry is so cute and someday, *someday*, I might actually get to meet him! Maybe at the maine 1/2? Hope all is well, you look fabulous, even with very little hair. ;)

    1. a year?! I knew henry loved to eat but hopefully im not overfeeding him haha! also I hate you. I still have some hair. ugh.

  3. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of how awesome Henry is at sleeping at night? Connor woke up 4 times last night! FOUR TIMES!! He didn't even do that when he was a newborn. Ughhhhhh.
    Connor is almost too chunky for his bumbo too. His thighs get stuck.
    LOVE all the pictures of Henry....he is so stinkin cute! And this whole post cracked me up ;) Happy Friday, friend! xo

  4. Love this post! I *think* my parents are getting me a BOB for my birthday :D! PS--maybe ask around to see if anyone has a battery powered mobile you can borrow or go buy one from Target/BRU. They last for 25+ min. My mom has the crank one at her house and that's how we discovered how much Elliott liked it during our first visit home. I went and bought a battery powered one for our house. She ended up buying one for her house too bc 3 min doesn't cut it lol.

  5. OMG squeeeee!!!! These photos of Henry are to die for!!! I love his little chunky cheeks! I can't wait to get out there with my BOB stroller! :)

  6. We have a problem... this little bit had made the fevah show up!? AHHH! The grow so fast! I'm so excited to be able to get to know you and your family and watch Hank (can I call him that? I love that name, Hank!) grow. Okay.. enough of the mushy semi strange comment.

    Happy Friday :)

  7. OMG I love all of this... Especially his long legs that don't fit into his footed pj's and his teeth paci! And don't feel bad about formula feeding, you did the best you can and that's all that matters for little Henry! He is getting sooooo stinkin' big and soo stinkin' cute! So jealous of how well he's sleeping too, Colton better be like that or else! Oh yeah and there's nothing wrong with eating potato chips for breakfast, duh...

  8. What a cutie! I love that pacifier with the 2 front teeth! Enjoy every moment...they truly do grow so fast!

  9. Oh my gosh. Your posts are hilarious. I love the paci with the crazy teeth. Please sign me up for email if you have that feature on your blog. I need a good laugh every now and then. And it's good to know a mom who has a little one the same age as my little one. I'm running my first half since pregnancy on the 26th. I'm so excited!