Monday, November 18, 2013

cara box reveal

over the summer i signed up for the "cara box exchange" from wifessionals. i met two very sweet ladies... i sent my box to tina, and received a box from liz. you can read all about it here (but im sure since you all read my blog so faithfully, youve already read it. obviously).

it was a lot of fun and i was really excited about the next cara box exchange... so excited that i missed the sign up. fail. so i emailed kaitlyn and was all "im such a loser!!! please help!!! find me someone to send a box to, i promise ill make it worth her while!!!" (i figured the million !!!'s would help). i didnt hear back, and didnt hear back, and was convinced i would be lonely through december (i clearly have nothing to do during the days and need excuses to go to target!).

but alas, i got an email from kaitlyn, simply saying something along the lines of "yes. youre a loser. better luck next time.... but since i know how awesome you are, ill make an exception. maybe. ill see if anyone is similarly as loserish as you are and if so, ill match you guys up by friday. ill get back to you. loser." (i swear it went something like that... i cant seem to find the email... but just trust me.)

and then on friday, i got another email from kaitlyn. "dear danielle- i found you a match equally as loser-like as you. her name is stephanie and she has a son, just like you. what a great match. you send a box to her, she will send a box to you. good luck. losers." geez, thanks kaitlyn! (ok. so i lie.) but stephanie and i matched up, and the rest is history. and she is pretty much just as loserish as me, thank god! lucky for all of you readers, im currently obsessed with screenshots and you will now see just how perfect of a match was made, without kaitlyn even knowing it. we surely owe her!!!

but first... the box reveal!! (so many exclamation points!!! it shows how much i love her!!! ok ill calm down. maybe)

(i mean... arent you jealous already?)

1. chips. duh. 
(also funny, my first cara box girl gave me chips too. its all about getting to know people, 
they both win in that area).
2. salt lick salsa from texas. yeeeeeee haaaaaa. yum. 
(related: went well with the chips)
3. a candle that smells amazing- farmstand apple
4. essie nail polish. obsessed.
5. a thirty one key chain
6. goody headbands
7. a scarf
8. a halloween book for henry man
9. halloween socks/slippers
10. a "list/to do" pad
11. greeting/thank you cards
12. eos chapstick
13. the nicest card (telling me i needed to write her a thank you with the
enclosed cards or we couldnt continue our love affair. rude. and tricky)

and after i took the above pic, i realized i forgot this guy!! festive.

the box really showed she listened to what i had to say about myself (good girl) and she threw in some extras. how sweet! of course we both ran into the same problem when sending our boxes...

it cost a small fortune to send the damn thing.

ty and brayden were really sad (read: jealous) that i got this awesome box and they didnt

so i know sometimes you meet people on the internet (haha... sounds sketchy) and youre like yeah, ok youre cool but im glad i live 6 states away. and then there are people that youre like "ok. seriously. we were meant to meet., best blogging friends forever!!!!". (what, you dont? liars). stephanie and i couldnt have been better matched, and im pretty sure this blogger friendship will last. she doesnt drink bud light or coffee, she lives far far away, she wears make up and cares about how her hair looks when she leaves the house, hates sushi and loves pickles. wait a minute... what? theres no way i could like this girl.

oh, but i do. here are just a few of the many ridiculous convos weve had...

she makes fun of me...
and im so nice to send texts way early in the am

we send random pics and use hashtags

shes very supportive...

...but shes not always very nice.

she helps with my fashion

and tells the truth, no matter how harsh the reality.

but its true love. clearly.

and we've got plans to send more boxes in the future.

we came up with a great plan to save us all the money we would spend on boxes of things she can find at her local stores by just sending a $20 bill in the mail (what are stamps now, 44 cents? probably more. still its not $21...) and saying "heres what i was going to buy you. go get it yourself." what a great plan, right? but in all seriousness, stephanie and i are a lot alike. and her son, connor, is the cutest thing ever (next to henry, of course). he just turned 1, so any time i have things i need to know about for hen, shes got the answer. im sad we live so far away but maybe one day we will be able to meet! (it might be a terrible idea to meet, the jury is still out on this one). im also such a good influence on her already as she has already signed up for a road race! love.

do you want to participate in the upcoming cara box exchange? head over to kaitlyns blog on 12/2 for winter sign up!


  1. What?! I thought I was your best computer friend. I'm jealous now. I want a best computer friend who will send me stuff. wah. Maybe I'll sign up too.

    1. of course you are! I mean.... I can have a few right? im sure middle aged runner will have something to say about this too. you guys are in real life friends now though, be happy you live close enough to really get the true experience of my awesomeness. and u know how big of a loser I am in person (shhhh dont tell stephanie)

    2. ooohhh that sounds special! real life friends! oh and yes, I'm back to USM on Sunday from 10-1 if you want to share some of your awesomeness. I'll be doing some running of some sort that day, if there's no rain. I don't do rain.

  2. With shipping I spent like close to $50 on the box, lol

  3. You are an internet whore. That's all carry on.

  4. Hi Danielle! I am so glad you stopped by my blog from the Cara box post. I was wondering if I could get your email as I have a ton of questions about training for a half marathon. Especially since I feel like I am going to have to power train to fit one in next year. Thanks again for stopping by and for the birthday wish!