Wednesday, November 20, 2013

henry: six months!

one half of a whole year gone?!

18lbs!! holy moly. this is still just 58th percentile, but he seems so chubby haha. henry grew over an inch in the last month too, now he is 27 1/4 inches, which is 75th percentile! and his head is a whopping 17 inches (46th percentile). 

knock on wood still very good. antibiotic dose got increased today since he is getting bigger. 

henry is wearing mostly 9-12 months clothes (pants are still kinda long). hes wearing some 6 month things but a lot of 6 month things dont fit (mostly getting tops around his fat head haha). i have yet to put away 3-6 month stuff (seriously in denial).

for the past few weeks he has been getting up once between 2-4am with a wet diaper and cold hands. we had been changing his diaper and feeding him 4oz bottles and he would go back to sleep about a half hour later, but now we change him and just bringing him in bed with us or put him on his stomach in his crib and he goes back to sleep until 6 or 7am. i dont know what to do about his cold hands. (of course last night i increased the heat in his room, bundled him all up, added in a blanket all tucked in around the sides so he hopefully couldnt pull it over his head, and the little booger slept from 8pm to 615am! the whole house was still fast asleep when i got home from the gym).

our big boy is now fully sitting up on own (we put a pillow behind him juuuuust incase). he also will stand up if you help pull him up, and he walks on his tip toes with you.

baby gear love
he is still loving the activity bouncy seat my mom got us. he can finally reach the bottom without a towel underneath him (its still set on the highest level), and he is playing with the things attached to it (mostly trying to put them all in his mouth). the bumbo seat is still great to use for eating... the high chair takes up a lot of space so we havent brought it back up yet (will most likely wait to do that when he starts to eat finger foods). the piano mat has also taken on a new role now that we can sit up...

henry took his first plane ride last week on our trip to illinois (and we experienced our first tornado warning!) ill write a post next week about traveling with him, super easy.

hen clearly enjoyed the plane ride there

we got to have lunch with meg!

he met great grandma GG

and "old" uncle don and "old" aunt sandy

he met cousin erica, "old" aunt brenda, and cousin joel

4 generations photo

great grandma GG with her great grandchildren

henry met my God son will and "old" aunt donna (and wills girlfriend)

hen got to visit again with his God mother cassie

and "old" uncle don let hen pretend ride on the motorcycle!

then the tornados headed our way

we made sure to bring the essentials with us to the basement

the panoramic of the backyard after the storms went thru

what an exhausting trip

he is still in size 3 and will be for awhile. we are using pampers cruisers during the day and baby dry during the night. i bought the fancy christmas ones from target and tried them out... first of all they arent exactly as cute as they look on the package, and i still dont really like the target diapers for this size as much as i like pampers.

as usual, he is eating a ton. we have also tried many new yummy things (all of which he enjoys. shocking): pears, green beans, oatmeal (not throwing it up anymore), sweet potatoes, carrots, and peaches! im still making most of my own baby food which is simple and fun. we did buy a few jars of food to take with us for the trip but i refuse to even think about buying these (although maybe turkey for thanksgiving? ew. still no).


henry pretty much just hates being put down for a nap. he will fuss and fuss for about 5 minutes and then fall right asleep. kid doesnt know what the future holds for him, i keep trying to tell him he should nap as much as he can now while he can!! also peaches arent quite his favorite, but he eats them. i think they smell like feet.

dear henry,
  we still cannot wrap our minds around the fact that you are six months old today. it seems like just yesterday we held you in our arms for the very first time. you have learned so much in the short time you have been here, and we continue to watch you learn and grow each day. it is truly an amazing miracle. you have also taught us so much and we can't wait to see what the next 6 months holds. keep up the good work, kid. we love you!!
all our love,
mommy & daddy

happy 6 months big guy!


  1. Great Grandma GG = 4G and he was wearing a Gobble Gobble Gobble shirt, which is 3G. So I loved that picture of 4G and 3G because that's how I see the world. And his smile is so distinctive, I don't know the right words for it, but it cracks me up. Time flies … he'll be 12 and getting in-school suspensions before you know it!

  2. Soo many good pictures!! He is too cute, my favorite pictures are the one where he is face down sleeping on the plane :)

  3. He's so adorable!!!! I cannot believe he's 6 months either! Crazy!

  4. He's soooo cute!!! I love the plane pic...too funny!

  5. Yea 6 mos! Congrats on completing your blogpost :D Love all the pics of little Henry man!

  6. Dear Henry,
    Although, we just meet, I want you to know that I love you. I love that you puke on your Momma. I enjoy your serious little face and how your Momma sends me videos and photos of you throughout the day because they are 72 kinds of serious. I can't wait to meet you and squeeze you and tell you all the ways Texas is better than Maine but not Ohio.
    Your favorite person ever (next to Sophie)

  7. I was less than impressed with the Target holiday diapers too. They weren't very "bright." Glad I only bought one package. We are still using the Pampers Swaddlers for day and night. Do you like the baby dry and cruisers better??
    Happy 6 months Henry!!!
    PS....totally jealous of how much you are blogging. I seem to have lost most of my interest in in lately. Blahhhhhh.

  8. I can't believe little H is already 6 months old! I hope you had a fun time in Illinois! I'd love to meet up with you if you make another trip out this way. Patsy would love to meet her internet pal Henry! It is nice that traveling with him turned out well. I'm not sure the next time we would take a plane trip with Patsy, but it sounds like it would require a lot of bags! Haha