Saturday, November 2, 2013

PDF- phone dump friday

since i got a new phone recently (samsung galaxy s4, no iphone for this girl!) i had to clean out my other phone/learn all the new cool things this phone can do (i still have no idea how to really use it, im sure im missing out on some cool things #dontcare). in doing so, i found that i have a lot of junk on my phone. shortly before getting rid of my old one i discovered how to "screenshot" things, and like many other things in my life, i became obsessed. and were talking "omgILOVESCREENSHOTSSOOOOOOMUCH" obsessed. its pretty ridiculous. this feature is amazing.

so today i transferred all of the screenshots off of my phone onto the computer (which actually took a while, no surprise there), and because im sure all of you are dying to see what it is that i am so obsessed with, i decided to make a post about it. looking through the ridiculous folder i have, ive come to the conclusion that this might have to be a weekly post. PDF. phone dump friday. as you'll soon find out, its a lot of those some-e-card things, memes, quotes, and texts from friends. a lot have to do with cats.

(side note: im realllllly cool. really. the coolest. duh).

so yeah, phone dump friday. but todays saturday... ? daylight savings, obviously. i wish we could fall back a day haha. (and im never on time for anything these days, so this is fitting). and please excuse me if i dont tag where i got it from, im not trying to copy any of you. i just flat out forget.

for my bff

i have nice friends

i get a lot of screenshots from the chive

note the time of the screenshot... clearly i didnt run at 6am. 

speaking of running... pretty sure i sent this to kristal

haha. classy.


  1. Nice! I enjoyed your blog post.

  2. just now reading this. since i dont blog can i be a guest screen shoter of the day some time?? i have some gems too! :)

  3. oh but text me your answer cause ill forget i asked and wont remeber to come back here to see what you said! :)