Monday, January 20, 2014

henry: eight months!

just over 20lbs, and very long!

healthy growing baby boy!

he fits pretty perfectly into 12 month pajamas... his legs and torso are so long! (speaking of pajamas- why do they even make button up ones? all pajamas should be zippers. end of discussion). there are a few 6 month onesies that still fit (im in denial about putting them away), and he is mostly in 9 month clothes and 12 month pants (some we have to roll up the bottoms a little)

were back to having 2 if not 3 naps a day, some shorter/longer than others. he goes to bed between 7 and 8pm (closer to 7 most nights), wakes up at 445am., and is awake just long enough for one of us to be up with him and have some coffee and feed him, and he will go back to bed about 6 or 7am. dear henry- can you please just sleep through that feeding?! (putting him to bed later doesnt help)

henry has 4 teeth, with whites of a fifth showing through yesterday! front two bottom (newest one coming on bottom right), and front two top. he has some struggles with them at first but once they popped through all was fine. unfortunately he grinds his teeth all the time, which just might be the worst noise ever. he loves to laugh and mimic you, and most often sounds like a gremlin haha. he is trying hard to crawl but will only go backwards, and is standing up against things with minimal support. as you can see from this next picture, he rolls and crawls backwards to get to various places-

i left him on the blanket and went to do dishes...

trying to get him to crawl to his toys...

baby gear love
its so funny to look at all of the things we now have piled up in our basement that henry has outgrown in just 8 short months. we rarely use the bumbo seat anymore (im pretty sure he actually doesnt even fit), and i folded up the rock & play sleeper, although we still use it sometimes if he is awake and we need to shower. hen is very fascinated with any toys that make noise or light up (which they ALL do. seriously, invest in batteries if youre ever gonna have kids). we also bought him a walker thing this weekend... so far he can go backwards really well, still working on that forward movement.

we were pretty much homebodies due to christmas time and the cold weather/snow. obviously he went to target and out shopping/to a few restaurants, and had some trips to the grandparents houses. santa also brought hen a sled and weve taken him for a few short rides around the yard!

primarily in size 4, which i feel is ridiculous. the size 3 just dont fit him right due to his long torso. for comparison- henrys cousin ronan, who is 11 months older than him, is wearing size 4!

henry still loves to eat, and he will tell you for sure when he is hungry. feeding him is fun now because he always wants to put his hands in his mouth right after you put the spoon of food in his mouth (and then proceeds to smear the food all over the place/himself). he can also feed himself puffs and little chunks of food (the majority of it ends up on the floor, but one piece gets in his mouth every now and then, and he is so proud when it happens!) he acts just like a little bird when eating... just keeps opening his mouth up for more. we added some new foods this month- black beans, blueberries, cauliflower, apricots, carrots and spinach (still couldnt get myself to puree some chicken). we pretty much combine everything and he eats it all up.


theres really not a lot that this kid doesnt like, which is so cool. he doesnt often like when his bottle is empty (who does?!) and even though hes tired he still enjoys fighting naps. still one very happy baby over here!

awake at 4am. ugh

best buds

whats up bro?

just chillin in my car... no big deal

the ultimate stare down

check out my bottom teeth guys!

seriously... look how long this kid is!

happy 8 months scooter!


  1. He could totally be this dude:

  2. Cute pics. You should take some more, I don't think you have enough... ;) I love the matching faces ones!

  3. Seriously your child is LOOONG! He's got the "mean mug" down too which is adorable, cracks me up!

  4. Awww he is adorable!!! Love all the pictures!!