Friday, January 24, 2014

PDF- phone dump friday

yet another edition of "random shit danielle screenshots on her phone". oh how exciting. dont go falling out of your chair or anything.

auto correct. fat fingers. whatever. we like to eat.

love this company.




the name of the following friend has been hidden to protect her target underwear obsession, haha!

apparently people think of me when they think of target? i should get paid...
 i decided to join her for her trip (and yes, she bought underwear)
i obviously dont belong in cosmetics

...but i was there for a reason. and figured it out when i got home...
 as always i leave target with things i dont need and forget what i actually needed

a few days later...
and still talking about underwear lol
damn you target!


  1. I made two PDFs and now I'm on like an 0-for-3 cold streak. I'll try to think of something good to text you so I can get back on the A-list next week.

  2. what do you need eye drops for now??? And you didn't consult with me first?