Saturday, January 4, 2014

the obligatory new year running goals post

just over 7 months post the ultimate marathon of life, i feel like im finally back to my old running self (although if any marathon lasts 28 hours like that one i sure as hell better get another kid out of it instead of a medal!) 2013 was my lowest running mileage in a very long time, obviously for a good reason (670 miles). i was very happy with the way i kept my fitness up throughout my pregnancy, and PRing a marathon 7 weeks pregnant was by far a huge accomplishment. i slowed things down at 28 weeks... i was feeling large and the extra weight was taking a toll on my legs and feet. my last run (of 1 slow mile) was on march 15th, and i ran one mile again on june 8th. did i start running too soon after henry was born? some might say yes. but i needed it, and i dont regret my decision.

although my back feels weak (im attempting yoga, going to get massages, and head to the chiropractor again), overall i feel that i am a stronger runner now than i was before getting pregnant (and at that point i thought i was in the best shape of my life). im seeing numbers on runs i havent seen in a long time. it feels really good and i am anxious to start my official marathon training this time around....

...which is monday!!! holy smokes. i am beyond pumped to begin again, despite looking at the charts of runs, seeing the numbers on the pages, knowing how tough the plan was when i did it two summers ago. but i also know i did pretty well with the plan, cutting 17 minutes off my marathon PR. life is a lot different this year than the last time, but i think ill be able to schedule things around to make it work. its a good thing my kids cute and everyone loves him and wants to babysit (im looking at you kristal!). i feel like i have developed a good base to start training with, so we will see what happens!

so now, the goals. oof.

honestly, i dont know. i think id like to see how the first few (or 10) weeks of training go before i officially make marathon goals. im going to start to train for a certain time goal in mind and see how things go (spoiler alert: this time goal is faster than 3:58:14). i want to train strong and remember to stretch. yoga will hopefully help, if i go more than just today. and the dreaded C word.... core. definitely need core work. i probably need to stop eating so much potato chips and down more kale, spinach, fruit... things that are good for me. less coffee and bud light, more water. not too terribly difficult or life changing.

at this point im not going to put any "run this many miles in this week/month/2014" goals, ill just see where my training takes me. races i have planned at this point:

scarborough frozen 5k- 1/5
winterwest frozen 5k- 1/11
mid winter classic 10 miler- 2/2
great bay half marathon- 4/6
maine coast marathon- 5/11

after that i will evaluate where i am at and figure out whats next (yes, michelle, that still includes the badass challenge). and im pretty sure (99.9%) maine coast will not be my only marathon this year.

ill write more about maine coast in another post next week, but i have decided to run the marathon in support of Operation Jack, raising money for autism "one mile at a time". CLICK HERE for the link to my fundraising page. any and all donations are of course appreciated.

now to figure out shoes (brooks ghost again or something new?), a new watch (polar or garmin? heart rate monitor or no?), training/race playlist (ke$ha and one direction, oh yeah!)... any and all input is welcome. whoever said "running is easy, just throw on some sneakers and walk out the door"... yeah, theyre funny.

take risks
push yourself
test your limits

18 weeks to go!


  1. That's about my goals this year....we'll just wait and see. :)

    As for getting a new watch, I bought a Suunto Ambit2 and love it!!! It seems to be WAY accurate, although it's not so good for training with a bunch of different intervals, heart rates, etc.

  2. Good thing I passed up the chip of the month club as your Christmas gift !

  3. You are so awesome! I can't believe you run like you do in the artic tundra of Maine. Definitely an inspiration!

  4. Ah hah! This is the year of the BQ! Don't bother denying it. Yay! So go do yoga, work the core, buy a Garmin, snag some Mizuno's and follow my trusty BQ training plan of only having like 3 weeks of 50+ mileage! And continue to drink beers and eat chips (just balance it with a little healthy shit now and then) because really, marathon training is so full of suffering that if you give up junk food why bother living!? I can't wait to watch you kick marathons in the face again, last year was wayyyyyyyyy boring without you!

  5. forgot

    I'd love to run this with you and Michelle. It would be a blast. I've even been practicing!

  6. Go out there and run some miles for me! This will be my year of celebrating finish lines not finish times...
    I'm in for the bad ass challenge 2015 :D

    PS I agree with the above...don't ditch the chips. Life without doritos is a life not worth living. Maybe eat them WHILE drinking a fruit/veggie smoothie?

  7. Yeah, marathon training starts! Starting a new training cycle is soo exciting - fresh start with big dreams!

  8. I saw an article somewhere (forget where, but it was a reputable source) that many women have faster times and run their best AFTER having a baby. It's like you know your body is capable of more and you have a new pain threshold or something. I'm excited to follow along in your marathon progress! Best of luck in 2014!!