Thursday, March 20, 2014

henry: ten months!

at his check up a few weeks ago henry weighed 20lbs 3oz and was 29.5 inches tall!

healthy as can be! got his antibiotic dose upped at the last appointment. we head to the cardiologist and urologist in may for check ups.

i finally packed away the rest of the 6 month clothes (good thing since this is his 10 month update! so much denial). all 9-12 month clothing now.

hen is such a great sleeper... when he wants to be haha. now that teething has slowed down (why does it have to be so painful for them?!) he is napping much better. still naps at least twice a day, if not three times, and naps much better if mommy naps with him (no problem, kid!) goes to bed without a fight before 8pm, up around 430 or 5 (just fussing) and will most often fall back asleep with us in our bed until 6am (always sleeps in with daddy, never wants to sleep in with mommy. guess he makes up for that with all the mommy naps).

on 9 months and one day henry finally crawled forward! and now he is just crawling all over the place! (including following you to the bathroom, cant go anywhere alone!)

we also began brushing his five teeth... (another top one just popped through)

and yesterday i walked into his room to find him standing up on his own in his crib. after bringing him downstairs, he stood up against the coffee table and then the chair ottoman. were in trouble now. (and finally he did something the day before his monthly update instead of the day after!)

clearly so proud

he also had his first big boy bath... the little whale tub was getting, well, little.

baby gear love
still loving the walker. he cruises all over the house with that thing. he loves to play peek-a-boo around the corners, and even though you can kinda tell that he knows youre going to be hiding around the corner and jump out at him, he still acts surprised. its really cute. we also love the high chair... a simple thing but its great. hes very content sitting in it while we are preparing his food (he eats all meals in it). can i do a baby gear dislike here? anything with batteries (aka things that make noise. aka all the damn toys). babies would really suck with a hangover.

the usual... target, babies r us, dunkin donuts... but a major one was when i convinced kristal she would love to babysit while i ran on her treadmill in the basement! luckily kristal is an easy one to convince (coffee and a breakfast sandwich) and they had a blast together! (im kinda worried she might steal him!)

i finally bought size 5 diapers for him to wear at night (didnt make much of a difference), still wearing size 4 during the day.

this little man could eat all day long if we would let him. new foods he tried this month include turkey, grilled chicken with bbq sauce, veggie macaroni noodles, cheerios, pineapple, and grandmas homemade applesauce. he sucked on a french fry at a restaurant, and ty dipped one of his banana puffs in ketchup. kid loved it.


its a serious wrestling match to get his diaper changed. he dislikes sleeping in with mommy (4am? lets party!) we seriously think he communicates with duke about his socks... they are quickly taken off his feet and immediately in dukes mouth. and he haaaates sippy cups.

happy 10 months big guy!


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  2. ummm yah. ^^^^^ what he said. :/ Anyway, Henry is clearly the cutest baby ever (except for mine....) and I'm glad you are getting some sleep cause my guy never slept through the night until he was 3! They are so fun when they get to this age. Enjoy!!

    1. yeah what the heck was that? dont I have the captcha code thing? ugh. anyway... hen has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks? ;)

  3. OMG he is so cute. I love his facial expressions.

  4. SO CUTE! Crazy how fast they grow!!!

  5. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it? My little man turns ONE in only SIX DAYS!!!!

  6. I cry when ugly people hold me might be the best baby shirt ever.

  7. I'm dying over here from all of that cuteness. What an adorable little nugget!!!! It is hard to believe how quickly our little ones are growing up right before our eyes!!