Friday, March 14, 2014

PDF- phone dump friday



gross? or delicious. im not sure i want to find out.

7 pairs of brooks running shoes...

the next three pairs of brooks since that previous pic was taken...

and todays purchase. i have a PROBLEM.
seriously... brooks? sponsor me? please? im pretty awesome...

apparently shoes arent the only problem i have (no need for additional comments on this...)

note the minutes...

but i made it. funny how one simple word can cause 42 likes and 19 comments!

ridiculous. i think i might have been that 52 second person.

by far my most favorite screenshot of the week... 135% to my goal! amazing.


  1. How could anything with ice cream be gross? You do have problems beyond your glowing socks.

  2. I have the same Brooks addiction. Since I have the shoes hidden strategically around my apartment so that the bf doesn't find them, I am unable to post a photo of my own hoarding, lol.

  3. I finally purged some of my Nikes this summer...and haven't worn any of the ones that made it into the "keep" pile since! I can't let go of my marathons sneakers. They're my old faithfuls...

  4. I just started running. Basically because it is the ONLY option I have. I use to kick butt at the gym got really tone and skinny ....thennnnn I had my sweet SweetBabyLoveNug. I officially entered "frump" status. My attention span is to short for some TV workout - and the time I get alloted to get out and do something would be eaten by drive time to a gym. So running it is!

    You look pretty hardcore. If I may ask, do they type of shoes really matter? If so where would I go to find the correct ones? When you started did it feel like someone poured liquid nitrogen down your throat?

  5. congrats on your fundraising!!