Saturday, May 8, 2010

tri maine polar bear sprint

back in january i thought maybe, just maybe, i would someday want to attempt a triathlon. i got a swim cap and started going to the pool hoping i could stay afloat (definitely didnt spend the money for goggles or a bathing suit... goggles came shortly there after, and my hot pink jcrew bikini works just fine, minus the one top malfunction ive had). the whole swimming thing was not a huge fail like i thought it would be, so i attempted a sprint tri one day at the gym. you can read about that here .

i have yet to actually sign myself up for a tri, but after the experience i had this morning i might be a little bit closer to doing so. my friend andrea and i decided it would be fun to do a triathlon relay (she does full triathlons) so we signed ourselves up. our biker backed out 24 hours before the race, so we got tylers cousin, jason, to bike for us (and he is training for an ironman, so he was a good find). andrea and jason showed up at our apartment around 6:30am and we drove up to bowdoin college together (and of course it was raining. awesome).

here we are after jason docked his bike... doesnt he look so excited to be there with us? haha

andrea getting her body markings... **fun fact** the girl who marked us up was later a volunteer in the pool and while the swimmers were swimming this girl was at the end of the lane doing lunges. it was really weird to watch. we found it rather amusing. (can i also please point out andreas sweet green sweatpants?! i am totally in love with them haha. target special!)

and here i am getting marked up. dont know why they made me get marked since i had a bib number. i also was going to wear a long sleeved shirt.

and little did i know they were going to advertise how old i was getting. for whatever reason (and if anyone knows why this is the case, do tell. it makes no sense to me) they needed to mark us with our "age at the end of the year". im still in denial about my birthday (november)... thanks a bunch, Tri-Maine.

and this little gem.... first of all, i hate these straps. they are so uncomfortable. but i understand that the swimmers didnt have shoe laces so we couldnt really have the nice little plastic things that go on your shoes. but $100 fine if you lose this? come on. a bit ridiculous. also, it was soaking wet after andrea swam and then jason had to wear it while biking, and then it was put on my leg last. yay (gross).

i loved loved LOVED that this race was sponsored by muscle milk! it is my very favorite recovery drink and i even have this kick ass recipe for a morning energy drink i will share on friday that i use my muscle milk with. yum! also loved that my run started by running under this thing.

and of course no race this year would be complete without seeing terrie anne! for those of you who dont know, my new years resolution is to run 12 races this year, one in each month... and at the very first race in january i met terrie anne and she too has the very same resolution! she was doing the duathlon today and i got to talk to her before she took off. unfortunately she will not be doing sugarloaf with me :(

here is a pic of my race bib... and 22 is my favorite number!!

our team was in wave 9 and here is a pic of andrea swimming (4th from the left). i was watching her swim and she was ahead of the woman in her lane by quite a bit, and then the volunteer who was supposed to be counting laps for everyone had the other woman get out of the pool before andrea. so were not really sure what happened but we think he may have gotten things a little messed up and had andrea swim an extra lap. that would be a fail.

im sure andrea will tell you this was her favorite part of the whole day.... after swimming in the nice humid warm pool she got to run outside in the 45 degree rain to where jason was waiting at his bike. and lucky her, the 400's were in the way back! hahahahaha (sorry andrea).

here is jason on his bike ride....

and handing off the now soaking wet ankle strap to me so i could begin my run.

i took off running after jason came in and i had to run on the grass for a while. i was really hoping i didnt slip because the ground was pretty wet and that would just be really embarassing. i am pretty sure that my nike+ milage is off but im assuming the time is accurate... and after running through the woods and onto a small back road, i got to mile one at 6:24. i KNOW i do not run that fast. and my milage said 0.79 miles. hmmmm....

we ran a little while on a nice winding road and then got back on a trail through the woods. we did a big loop and then had to run on a field and back through the woods again before coming to the finish line. i got to mile two at 16:01 (milage said 2.09), and when i crossed the finish line my time read 25:08, milage 3.20. so i have no idea what the F went on with this race (it was supposed to be a 3 mile run).

andrea and jason must have thought i was going to run slow, so they missed me coming across the finish line. andrea was able to snap a photo shortly thereafter.
overall we had a really fun time (at least i know i did!). we didnt think we did anything spectacular in way of times, but come to find out we placed 3rd in the coed relay and 5th overall! our final times were: swim 10:51, transition 0:30, bike 31:54, transition 0:29, run 25:05. finishing time 1:08:45.

in other news, sugarloaf marathon is one week away!!!! i cant believe its already here. training started back in january and i hope im ready. my knees havent been acting up like they did last year (knock on wood), but im still going to get some KTTape and give that another go (it fell off during the Maine Marathon... but its worth another shot). i apparently wasnt thinking clearly when my work schedule came out and didnt really ask for enough time off around the marathon and even picked up an extra shift.... so im working sat, sun, mon nights, then again wed and thurs night. hopefully i will be able to get a few runs in this coming week as well as enough sleep so im not burnt out come sunday! the extended weather forecast also says rain with a high of 62. ill take it!

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