Friday, May 28, 2010

fun fact friday

ff 18: im so seriously addicted to coffee. i drink it black with one sugar/splenda/truvia, whichever is available.

ff 19: ty and i play scrabble like were training to win some “couples who play the most scrabble” award

ff 20: i own more flip flops/baseball caps/t shirts than anyone really ever should be allowed to own

ff 21: i really really really want to buy a new pair of sneakers (this feeling comes after every race). almost went and bought a new pair last week after sugarloaf, then i remembered that when i signed up for my 4th of july race i won a new pair of new balance. win! (but i still have to wait another month for them)

ff 22: 22 is my favorite number! you already know that if you read the post below, but i thought i would just throw that in here again since its awesome.

ff 23: the number of times matt lauer says “exclusive” on the today show gives me a headache. seriously, find a new word.

ff 24: my parents have one of the cutest dogs ever. his name is bofus (don’t ask, cuz to be honest I have no idea…). he acts kinda girly sometimes, so i call him bofus marie.

ff 25: i refuse to go into the apple store and play with the ipad.

ff 26: i obsessively creep heart so many blogs. like im talking close to 50. i should probably get a life at some point here. ive read just a few in full (operation jack, sarahs running adventures, chic runner, and jerbear shares)

ff 27: when i was 3 years old my mom made a huge pot of french onion soup in the oven. she had it on top of the stove to cool. i climbed up on the counter to get a sippie cup and slipped. im sure you can imagine the outcome. before calling 911 my mom spread butter all over my burns, which in turn cooked into my skin. i have one scar. somewhat impressive. go mom. (note for all you future moms out there: dont use butter on burns).

ff 28: i own all ten seasons of friends, the first 3 seasons of the OC (it sucked after that), all 5 seasons of greys anatomy (6 should come out soon, although i only watched the first and last episode this season), and all 4 seasons of felicity on dvd.


  1. um, we're the same. i was obsessed w/friends. sometimes i have entire conversations with my bff just in friends quotes. & grey's ditto, but with a different friend. haha. i'm a creeper and own flip flops in every color and then some more colors. and i have no interest in the ipad but work bought me one for testing and i'm still ehhh about it. meh. :)

  2. fun fact: you wouldnt have remembered the free shoes until i reminded you!!!

    thanks for the blog shout out...maybe i can get my readership up to 5!

  3. Thanks for the bloggy shout out! I did that w/blogs when I first started reading, now it's enough just to keep up w/my reader!! You feel like you start to know the blogger though in a weird/cool/creepy way. Haha. So yay. :D

    That burn incident sounds freakin' SCARY. Holy cow. ff about me: I own more hooded sweatshirts than is normal for any one person. It's almost comical. :)

  4. haha jeri, dont even get me started on hooded sweatshirts!! im sure you and my friend sarah both have more than me, but i love them and dont know what i would do without them (and i have a freakishly strange obsession with the strings, and will pick hoodies only if they have "good" strings haha wow.)

    its fun to find good, light hearted blogs that are easy to read and make me laugh. going through most of yours i was like wow, ok at least i know im not the only one that does that :P