Tuesday, May 25, 2010


22 has always been my favorite number. i dont think there was ever a real reason why i picked it way back in the day, but its been my number on all sports teams ive played on since i can remember. i would get really angry when i wouldnt get the jersey (ok that actually only happened twice).

22 is the atomic number for titanium.

some famous athletes who have worn #22 include emmitt smith, roger clemens, clyde drexler, and john salley. mark ingram wore #22 for alabama and won the heisman trophy in 2009 (he was the 1st ever heisman winner for the crimson tide, and he received this award the year his team won the schools 22nd SEC title). sarah palin wore #22 in high school, but i doubt anyone really cares.

and sarah and cbrock will LOVE this little fact... in lacrosse, #22 is given yearly to the most anticipated player on the syracuse lax team! casey powell... mike powell... ryan powell.... mmmmm.

in the jay-z song "22 twos" he rhymes the words to, too, and two 22 times in the first verse.

see, such a great number.


i hope to someday run a 5k in 22 minutes (and probably 59 seconds, since thats real fast and my short legs dont often move that quickly). and i have taken (and will continue to take) a pic of the mile 22 marker from my marathons:

today just so happens to be 222 days until our wedding day, so i thought i would ramble on about the number 22 and other such wedding things, since i know you all are so interested. and i think we just happen to be a pretty darn cute couple, so im gonna throw in a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure.

the day we went to get our engagement photos taken it was about 9degrees (im not kidding, sweet planning). these two pics were two of the only good ones that really came out, so i photoshopped them together and voila. our save the date! (another fun fact- this is the only pic where ty is actually holding his poster the right way. we have about 10 pics where it says 11-1-1. awesome).
(just incase you thought i was kidding....)

our table numbers are going to be numbered, and on each table will be a picture of us when we were the age of that table... here is an example for table 4 (we were 4 years old). we can only go up to 27 tables though, since hes just a young one (ill be *cough cough* 30).

this is what my maid of honor, cassie (best friend since like birth) will be wearing-

and i havent yet decided but my bridesmaids (we have 7, yeah....) will be wearing either this-

or this-

i have actually already gotten my dress (from a wedding consignment shop, for those of you wondering. apparently there are women out there... they're called crazy people... who buy more than one dress cuz "they cant decide".... so there are many dresses at this place that have never been worn before and the prices are slashed. yes please!). i will not be posting the pic on here because ty occasionally opens the site and browses through the pics. youll just have to wait another 222 days (well maybe like 230 something. i might go on the honeymoon before i get around to blogging. or not. you know how i am).

for whatever reason, im trusting ty to make a decision on the tuxedos. im hoping to walk down the aisle and look ahead to him looking like this:

but you know he will probably show up wearing something more like this:

im growing my hair out (and its annoying the ever loving heck out of me!) in hopes i can get it to look something along the lines of this:

im still in the process of trying to convince ty to have all the guys wear these (shouldnt be too difficult, he loves argyle more than anyone i know)
our DJ's will be two local radio station djs from this area, 101.9WPOR's Joe Lerman and Q97.9's Rob Steele. they put on quite a show for tylers cousins wedding, so we thought we'd let them rock out our wedding. and they enjoy crown royal and wild turkey, so you know things are bound to get craaaazy.

we decided that we didnt really want to go with the standard "guest book" at the reception. really, who is going to want to sit down in our living room and open up a book on our coffee table with a bunch of signatures on it. not even i would be interested in doing that. we also werent keen on the idea of having a photo with the matted frame with notes written around it. that might hang on our wall for a year. then what?

so we (i keep saying we... you all know who comes up with most of the ideas) decided it would be unique to gather up some stones and a few sand dollars (might have to buy a few of those, not a difficult task when living in maine) and have people write names or small notes on those. then they can place them into tall glass vases we will provide... of which can be a decorative addition to an entry way or dining room in the house we will hopefully get shortly after the wedding. it would look sort of like this....

(minus all the references to the word "rock".... i hope)

we have most of our songs picked out... ya know, first dance, father daughter, etc. not gonna share those either, but i will put this one on here for your listening enjoyment, since i love love love this song. this will be our bridal party reception entrance song- (im not all too sure why half of the screen is cut off. sorry).

and now, as promised, here are a few lovely pics of the two of us. love.this.boy.


  1. hahahaha, your comment about him holding the sign the wrong way made me laugh. thanks awesome. good luck on all your planning, sounds like it's way under control :)

  2. thanks, katie :) you inspired me to post a pic of the failed poster attempt, haha. glad i could make ya laugh (i just have to laugh at him most of the time too)

  3. ooooh super cute save the date! I have the same obsession w/the #8. It's kinda ridiculous, but I totally relate. And I'm all about scoring a 22:xx 5k this summah! :)