Friday, May 7, 2010

fun fact friday- wedding edition

once again, its friday (funny how they seem to keep coming, rather quickly too, which is always nice). only 9 days til sugarloaf marathon (!!!!!!)... im just a little excited, am i disguising it well? (!!!!!!!!!!)

i had to think pretty hard all week about what i was going to have for this weeks fun facts. very little happens to me these days in the way of fun and exciting things that everyone else would really feel their lives were incomplete without knowing, so this wasnt an easy task.

fun fact #10: in the last three years, the boy and i have attended 13 weddings. we have 6 weddings to attend this year. its gotta end sometime, right?

fun fact #11a: ive been a bridesmaid in 6 weddings. 7th will be this september. its gotten to be a bit ridiculous, but each one has been unique and fun it their own ways.
fun fact #11b: ive never worn a bridesmaid dress to anything other than the wedding it was intended for. i dont care what the bride tells you... you will spend the money, wear the dress to the wedding, maybe sleep in it if you so choose (or alcohol so chooses for you), and it will sit in your closet for years until you realize yup, i really wont be wearing this again, and it goes to consignment or goodwill. fun.

*wedding 1. my mom and step dad. i was 15 with bangs and braces. there are pictures. you will not see them. end of story.

*wedding 2. my cousin. our dresses had sleeves. i was 19? 20? i got drunk and cried at the reception. there are pictures. you will not see them. end of story.

*wedding 3. my college friend veronica. we had a damn good time, despite being in hot humid upstate new york in the summertime in long black dresses. oh and 8 girls getting their hair done with only one hairdresser leads to the bridal party being late to the wedding. take notes.
*wedding 4. college friends liz and jerrod. if you dont know the story about the pic below, ill just say a few words: combined bachelor/bachelorette party. at fenway. in july. in the bleachers. draft beers. i orchestrated an entire section to sing along to sweet caroline, yet the next morning i thought i had missed the song completely. i screamed at the top of my lungs down to the bullpen "WAKEFIELD!!!" (trying to get the attention of tim wakefield. i was screaming at mike timlin. he didnt look all too impressed). the groom was thrown out of the game. enough said.
*wedding 5. college roommate leslie. dont think i would have made it through college without her. unbelievable wedding, irreplaceable friend.
*wedding 6. tylers cousin brayden and his high school sweetheart rachel. no one was prepared for how this wedding weekend turned out. oh, and when we were trying dresses on, the women at davids bridal told us we couldnt buy the dresses because they were "special occasion" dresses, not "bridesmaids" dresses. we continued to try them on. then they told us we looked "trashy" in them. screw them. we bought 5. my zipper broke before the ceremony and ty's mom had to sew me into the dress. i couldnt get the dress off after the wedding. awesome.

*wedding 7. september 11th 2010. tylers good friends from the university of maine (now my good friends too, obviously), krystle and jp. bound to get wild.

fun fact #12: my little brother was in the movie 27 dresses. he was a waiter in one of the restaurant scenes. fitting?

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