Thursday, July 22, 2010

(almost) fun fact friday

who says i cant have fun fact friday on a thursday? close enough, and im bored.

ff 48: i am in THE running funk of 2010. every run ive had lately has sucked (minus my all out sprint to first base from home in sundays softball playoff game where i thought i was this close to beating out the throw). im sore, my legs feel heavy, i found mold in my camelbak. all around suckage.

ff 49: i should be studying right now for my boards instead of blogging. the brain doesnt do study mode at 2:15am.

ff 50: i seriously think my parents dog is way too freaking cute and i sometimes cant even deal with it. i found these on my moms camera and needed to share. hes such a super spaz almost all the time but how can you not love a face like this?

ff 51: i got new shoes, i got new shoes, i got new shoes hey hey hey hey! clearly this makes me smile and want to sing fun songs (and hopefully will get me out of running funk 2010). old on left, new on right. same pair, different color (pink! duh. brooks adrenaline)

ff 52: this is the first time ive loved a running sneaker enough to continue wearing the exact same one again.

ff 53: when writing a text message, this little reminder pops up when i get to 140 characters. sarah didnt believe me so i took a pic. seriously, what next? technology is getting a little out of control.

ff 54: i dont care what new thing apple comes up with or how cool it is or if their antennas start working better or what product they will give to you for free to make their stupid products work better, i will never get an iphone. well.... maybe we'll talk if the day comes where they join verizon. actually, no. still not gonna do it.

ff 55: i have a serious addiction to avacados and ate an entire package of guacamole in the past 24 hours

ff 56: im obsessed with watching music videos on youtube. actually i dont really watch them, just search for them and then listen while im doing other stuff on my computer. currently i listen to daughtry-september, our wedding/first dance song (not telling, hehe), glee everything, and goo goo dolls- home over and over and over. the songs i obsess over change about every week or so.

ff 57: beach2beacon 10k race (my #8 of 12) is coming up in two weeks from this saturday. this race is close to impossible to signup for, even with this years new cap of 7,000 runners. ty was hungover and asleep the morning of registration but lucky him, i was nice enough to get him all registered. his training hasnt gone as well as he had planned (i think his exact words today were "i.hate.running"). heres a pic from before last years beach2beacon.... im thinking hes gonna feel the same way this year.

ff 58: im fairly disappointed with this seasons big brother cast. my favorite, annie, has already been kicked off (although i did think the idea of a "saboteur" was dumb)(and no i didnt like annie because she said she liked to hook up with boys AND girls.... but yes, i kinda thought she was hot). rachel is the true meaning of ridiculous, and then throw in her sidekick brendon who cant even think for himself... just makes me want to gag. i miss last season.


  1. i love the brooks adrenaline! i somehow got into an asics shoe and then into a new balance and then they were on sale somewhere for like 90% off so now i have 5 pairs....but someday i will return to the true love of my life, adrenaline. hmm. esp if they are pink.

  2. everything is better w/avocado on it. I live by that life lesson. :)

  3. What kind of dog??? He's so adorable!

  4. he is a schnauzer... just a little fluffy right now (they sometimes shave him like a normal schnauzer would be... i prefer him like the above pics haha)