Thursday, July 15, 2010

midwest road trip part 3

and finally, we get to the end of mom and danielle midwest road trip 2010. next week we will continue with fun fact friday, but for now....

my mom and i did this very same road trip two years ago, and just so happened to be there on the best.weekend.EVER (its a small town, so this was a big deal)

32 miles, 2 donut stops. for each donut you eat you get 5 minutes taken off your finishing time. now this is my kind of race!!

(and this is exactly how i would want to partake in the event... front seat, of course)

there is also a "rib off" that occurs during the race. about 40 (thats truly a really bad guess, its probably either like 25 or way more than 40) groups set up these huge smokers and try to win "best ribs". the town smells so awesome. they all get judged, someone wins, then everyone gets day drunk and eats ribs til the sun goes down. like i said before, best.weekend.EVER.

and obviously no road trip is complete without a bridal shower!! :)

all of these are for me??? (i mean us hehe)

my best friend and maid of honor helped to put it all together with my aunts

im supposed to do what with this thing? cook? no comprende... but ty looks good in pink!

homemade quilts from both of my grandmas. xoxo

thank you to everyone!!! and thanks to the camera girl who didnt notice the conveniently placed pink bow right behind me that looked like i was wearing it. yaaaay.

as much fun as we had during our stay, monday came and it was once again time to get back on the road and head home. not even a half hour into our drive we came upon this sign, and my mom freaked out and made me turn around to go buy fresh tomatoes.
whatever makes her happy (and keeps her from singing!! hehe love you mom!)

we ended up staying at the same hotel we stopped at on the way out in erie. again i didnt use the jaquzzi, but this time i did try. the water wouldnt get hot and i was too tired to try to figure out why. i layed in bed watching the homerun derby (yay big papi!!) before falling asleep. mom got this pic of me before leaving in the morning, i was watching out the window for the krispy kreme light to come on. when you dont have these things where you live, its like finding gold when you find one.

this pretty much summed up my feelings on this last day of the trip:

and of course i really needed some french fries about halfway home so we stopped at burger king (soooooooo healthy) and this was the view from the parking lot. of course my mom went over to check it out, and we both ended up buying little baskets.

when i was little i had these in my bedroom. they have been stored in my grandmas garage so we decided to bring them home (i mean i am getting married soon, its just the natural progression after that, right? hahahaha).

safety first kids!

and finally, i was lucky enough to be able to stop off in new hampshire at a gas station and see ty for five minutes. he and his boss were headed to new york and our paths just happened to cross perfectly. it was a quick meet up, but i was so happy to see him for the short amount of time. its the little things :)
overall a great road trip, but im happy to be back home.

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  1. So do you and Ty sit in the chairs these days :)