Saturday, July 3, 2010

pre race run down

went and picked up my race stuff today for tomorrows early morning 10k so im all set and ready to go. race #7 of 12 will soon be in the books.... will it be a PR? most likely not. the course is tough with quite a few hills, and the heat and humidity is supposed to be pretty high. awesome. i PR'd at this race last year with a time of 49:00, which got me 10th in my age group. i then set a new 10k PR a month later with a time of 47:50. i think that time is going to be tough to beat on this course and also after coming off the running month from hell that was june. clearly that was my own fault, but we'll see what happens tomorrow. im not goin for any awards.

thought this was pretty cool when we got them... no more Dtags on our shoes, no more plastic rings to tie into your shoe laces. these are attached to the back of your race number! someones making a lot of money off this idea. wish i had thought of that.

good plan for tomorrow #1a: run fast. the weather report says 70 degrees at 8am, up to 83 by 11am. the race starts at 7:30, so my idea is to run as fast as i can to avoid the increasing heat.
good plan for tomorrow #1b: dont run so fast that you pass out, cuz that wouldnt be good. although i do have my RoadID, and my name is conveniently on the back of the race number (good race planning!) so at least people will know who i am when im on the side of the road in the fetal position.

good plan for tomorrow #2: wear your red white and blue to the max, including shorts, sports bra, shoe laces, and american flag ribbons in my hair. go america! (guess i should have gotten a red nike+... but at least it will match my livestrong bracelet)

bad plan for tomorrow #1: wearing the brand new shoes we got today for being one of the first 400 runners to sign up for the race. they're pretty. we'll see how it goes.

bad plan for tomorrow #2: using a gatorade prime pre game fuel. carbs + b vitamins. "prime your body to start out strong and then trust your training". never even tried the stuff. will probably provide barf-tastic results.

anyone else have race plans for tomorrow? sarah and i were wondering if these "4th of july" races were always held on the 4th... even if its a tuesday? (actually, sarahs exact words were: "i wonder if they would still have the race if the 4th of july was on a tuesday... well, i guess its still a holiday") haha. but seriously... do they?

also a little fun fact for ya'll- sam from OperationJack is running a marathon tomorrow in portland, oregon. this will be marathon #32 this year. its all for a good cause and you should check it out. i decided i would bet on his time this week, and i think he has a good chance of going 3:11. sam doesnt run with headphones, so i think he should hum some 311 songs while running so that he doesnt forget my bet. coolest thing about this? 311 has two songs called "independence day" and "running". i hope i win!

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  1. I love all these pictures. I hope your race went well!