Saturday, July 31, 2010

how to make a trifle

i love making this recipe (more often than i probably should) so i thought i would share. its a quick and easy (and tasty!) dessert for any occasion. the pics just happen to be a fourth of july version, but ive been known to add fruit on occasion instead of the colored whipped cream.

(i forgot to take pics of the cake)...
i first bake one box of dark chocolate cake in two round cake pans. allow to cool, then crumble. (you can use any kind of cake you want... now that i think of it, i bet a fruit trifle with some sort of vanilla cake would be soooooooooo good. or a confetti cake! omg i need to make another one soon!)

prepare one large instant chocolate jello pudding packages. allow to cool in the fridge while the cake is cooling. (or if you forget like i often do, the instant pudding is ready in five minutes and doesnt really have to be chilled). and yes, it helps if you have pink mixing bowls and fun collapsable measuring cups!

by far the best part of the trifle.... you will really only use about 3 or 4 tablespoons but since you cant really buy that amount, you have a ton left over for fun drinks to accompany your dessert! (yes i know you can buy airplane bottles but really, why would you do that?)

yet another awesome addition to this lovely recipe, but this time you do use the whole bag. dont start counting calories now.

two small containers of whipped topping is generally enough. one of the large ones just doesnt do the trick. you really need to allow these to cool in the fridge for about 2 hours before stirring them up, so try not to forget about that cuz again, i usually do and then i get annoyed.

so you dont have to color the whipped topping, but i think its fun when things arent a normal food eating color. other than blueberries, what do we eat thats blue? see, fun!

here we have red, white, and blue! i had used the red food coloring for christmas cookie frosting though so luckily i had some red sprinkles which more or less did the trick.

start out by layering the bottom of a trifle dish with a third of the whipped topping. try to smooth out the top with a spatula. or dont, im probably not going to be there to try it out with you, although i guarantee no matter what you do, even if you mixed all the ingredients together and just stirred it around people would eat it. its chocolate and alcohol and whipped topping. seriously.

next add a layer of the crumbled up cake (i usually grab the center of the cake and discard the crusts (read: feed to the fiance)... but again, do what you will), then drizzle as much (or as little, but much is more fun) kahlua over the top of the cake

then a layer of chocolate pudding....

followed by heath bar topping. repeat whipped topping, cake, kahlua, pudding, heath bar. (but really, does the order matter? i think you know the answer)

mmmmm cake. mmmmmm more kahlua....

almost done....


booooo clean-up


  1. Obviously, I have made this before! I call it 'sex in a bowl' because I'm that great ;) AND you should chopped peanut butter cups to this! SOOO delicious. Do I hear post R2B food?

  2. dude you have wayyy to much free time.

  3. mmmm looks sooooooo good. :)