Monday, December 6, 2010

race #12... give it all you got

im gonna make this one short and sweet, as there is already a super long detailed "12 in 2010" full year recap in the works. but.....

yesterday was race #12(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of my 2010 new years resolution. from january to december i picked out one specific race each month and ran. pretty easy, right? it wasnt always as easy as it sounds. winter is kinda cold in maine.... but i had fun. and i did it. so heres my final race recap :)

i woke up sunday morning feeling good and ready to run, which has not always been the case on my race mornings. ty woke up with me and we had a cup of coffee before he headed into his office to get some work done before leaving for a buisness trip. i had my signature breakfast of a piece of toast with peanut butter (actually, i recently bought an $11 jar of cashew butter. the teenage cashier made it a point to tell me "thats awful expensive for a jar of peanut butter". no shit. but thanks.) andrea and jaime picked me up and we headed up to freeport. last year the race started at the middle school... but when we arrived there were NO cars. no people. nothing. uh oh. was i gonna miss my LAST RACE of this resolution? this could not be happening!

jamie quickly got on her phone and found out the race was changed to the high school this year, but of course we didnt know where that was in relation to where were right now. so jaime looked up the address and off we went.

"danielle, FLOOR IT!"
we quickly found where we were supposed to be and headed inside for andrea and jaime to register.

obviously i spent my time creepin on golden retrievers
there were no timing chips for this race so we tried to start as close to the starting line as possible. i was trying to decide whether i wanted to run for fun or attempt to go for a PR. the weather was great and the roads were dry (as opposed to last year when we were bracing ourselves so as not to slip and fall on the icy roads!). needless to say i went all out. it was my last race, why wouldnt i!?

yay maine track club!
mile 1 was flat with a downhill (awesome), and went by pretty fast. there were two uphills after that but they werent too bad... and as i was looking for mile 2 i ended up seeing the sign for mile 3! (uh... what?!) i remember thinking "those two miles were definitely short!" but i had 0.1 miles left and i was going to give it all i had. without seeing the finish line in front of me, it felt like the last 0.1 was long (which i think it was). but as i turned the corner and saw the finish line ahead of me with the time reading 21:15 i of course started crying. my friend betsy came up right behind me and tapped me on the arm and said "look at the clock! youre gonna do it! you got this!" more tears. i sprinted across the finish line.... 21:42! i pumped my arm in the air and betsy gave me a huge hug. it felt awesome.... to know i completed my new years resolution once again, and got a 5k PR as well.

well, sorta.......

so apparently this race ended up being about 0.2miles short. word on the street is that a volunteer at some point sent us straight instead of turning, or something. regardless, we didnt run the entire course. is that my fault? no. can i technically still call this 5k a PR?

lets find out....

so my "official 5k time" was 21:42. for 2.9 miles. thats 7:28/mile. running a pace of 7:28 for 0.2 miles is 1:29. add that to 21:42............ 5k in 23:11.


so whatever, all in all the race was awesome whether it was short or not. overall stats: 9th/85 in my new super fast age group, 94th/584 total runners.


  1. congrats on 12 in 10!

    I went the wrong way on the bike course in a Tri a few years back. Totally the volunteer's fault!

  2. Awesome run! I love the race a month idea!!