Monday, December 13, 2010

6.1 mile satellite preview

by now you should have heard about sam... and operation jack... and the 6.1 mile satellite run on 12/26 in honor of sam's 61st marathon of 2010 to raise awareness for autism and train4autism. but if you havent, go HERE and register. and if youre in south portland on 12/26 come run with us. you wont regret it. for a $25 donation you get a sweet shirt, one-of-a-kind finishers medal, and the chance to meet really cool people, enjoy a sunday morning run, and donate to a really great cause.

i set out today to check out the course i put together and thought i would share a few pics. as you will see it was rainy, but im not going to complain when its 50 degrees in december in maine. ashley & jennifer, a few pics in here are just for you. enjoy.

starting line

about 0.4 miles in, a new house was recently built. ive been in love with it since they built it, despite no real land. but this gave me an idea... ashley and jennifer will need a house when they decide (we convince them) to move to maine. house #1:

$407,500... affordable, right?

almost one mile in and theres a bakery in willard square!! seriously, awesome bagels, breads, coffee, pastries... im pretty sure we could stop for a moment and have a snack!

scratch bakery

mile 1

a better view when its not rainy

the people who live in the house were outside when i passed so i didnt think i should creep take a pic. so i got this one online. grass isnt that green this time of year here. house #2:

only a mere $1.2 mil

on our way to mile 3... oh yeah, another bakery! i love their toasted coconut donuts.

mmmm donuts

mile 2

house # 3:

$239,900... for that price, im hoping the nutcrackers would be inclued

i didnt check whether this pic came out well or not. haha, i think its funny.

mile 3

while i was on the house hunt for ashley and jennifer, i came upon this little gem! you guys are probably gonna want a car to get ya around town... perfect.

maybe we could buy this for a RTB vehicle? it would be more like a clown car.

maybe in need of a coat of paint... or 12. house #4:


a pretty good reflection of how i felt at this very moment.

mile 4

there were a few hills before now, but this one is the worst. and look, its not really that bad!

the streets name is "ocean view". you absolutely cannot see the ocean from this street.

house #5:

$219,900, complete with a fire hydrant and "dead end" sign in your almost non-existent yard

and just a few houses down, right before mile 5... house #6:

$299,900. and for some reason this lawn IS that green. fake?

mile 5

just after mile 5 you take a turn back towards the community college, which is the same road the "tri for a cure" all womens triathlon takes on their run. this is where i decided im glad the run goes down this hill, instead of up. you guys really wouldnt like me if i had you run up.

its all down hill/sea level from here

during the last mile you even get a nice view of spring point. again, much prettier when not raining. 12/26 has the potential for snow, that would be pretty.

and from the headlight, its just about 0.4 miles back to where we started. my nike+ is a little off but from my map on and daily mile, it seems the course should be exactly 6.1 miles. if anyone has a garmin thats more accurate and would like to check the run with me at some point, id definitely be up for that. regardless, were going to have an awesome time on this run, and we would love to have you join us... the more the merrier!

mile 6.1

(ashley & jennifer... cumberland county. check it out. maine rocks.)

hope to see everyone on 12/26!


  1. I was actually hoping to buy something in the $750K+ range.

  2. i love this preview!!! i am really excited now!! you captured it well, there's a lot of houses for sale right now...and that car could be for all of our RTB crap!!

  3. ahhhh. not that hilly at all :) great, all hill repeat workouts are now cancelled until January! WOO HOO

    Scratch and Cookie Jar are MANDATORY stops right???

    Ashley, there are TONS of places in the $750K range-you are ALL SET

  4. Hahaha! So does this mean you'll be buying Ashley & I the 1.2 million dollar house? If so, I'll be there in a second :)