Tuesday, December 28, 2010

operation jack 6.1mi satellite run

today is tuesday, and as of about 2 hours ago i am officially on a 2 week vacation! this year has been one huge whirl wind and it all come down to this weekend.... the big day! 1/1/11 will most definitely be a day to remember, but there was an extremely important happening this week (already! and its only tuesday!) that needs to be blogged about before we get to saturday.

this past sunday was the greatly anticipated operation jack 6.1 mile satellite run, organized by sam and run by many throughout the country and a few people around the world. sam finished his 61st marathon in california sunday morning while many others ran a 6.1 mile course in respective states to honor him.

sarah and i found sam via twitter the night before the boston marathon in april. i made him a poster cuz i thought what he was doing was pretty awesome. did we have any idea how involved we would get? nope. is it awesome that we got as involved as we did? yup.

sam probably told one of his bad jokes as this pic was being taken

fast forward 8 months, and we have a 19 degree morning on the coast of southern maine. while sam was in california getting prepared to run his 61st marathon of 2010, 16 people gathered in the parking lot of southern maine community college to set out to run 6.1 miles in honor of the accomplishments of sam, and what he has done for train4autism. it was cold and windy, but we all had an awesome time. i dont think maine had the coldest run, ashley apparently had 17 degrees. (yet another reason for her to move here! she'll see this weekend, since shes flying in to wedding crash.... im not holding my breath though).

sweet race registration hood

jen and dawn trying to smile and stay warm

sarah is PUMPED!

@mainerunnah really exists!

it was so cold out that my camera lens fogged up

off we go!

sarah still looks like shes enjoying this at mile 5.5!

elizabeth and monica coming around the corner

train4autism team maine (minus a few peeps that had to leave early)

train4autism maine chapter president sarah (left) and myself

thank you to everyone who ran with us in south portland on sunday (sarah, mark, christine, jim, dawn, elizabeth, misty, jen, sandra, monica, andy, brendan, eric, bj, melissa), and to all who ran/walked/supported sam/operationjack on sunday and throughout the year. please head over and read sam's race report HERE . train4autism. early detection. enough said.

incase you werent sure why he did what he did

sam finishing the marathon of all marthons in the most fitting fashion


  1. thanks for organizing!!! It was a kick in the butt to start taking my base training more seriously. I had fun!

  2. thanks for allllllllllllll your help over the last bunch of months! seriously wouldn't have pulled it off with out you (duh!). and i nominate you co-president! what's next for us??

  3. What a great race and an even greater cause! I didn't realize you didn't have a prior r'ship to Sam then just pre-boston. That's super cool.

    And I think Tom (a runner from my town) won with the coldest run. The high for the day was about 6, and I'm not sure what time he ran it, but the wind chill was well below zero all day. He's a braver man than I. ;)

  4. Great time!! Thanks for putting it on!

  5. Hey! I'm a new follower and was so excited to see that you're a Mainer! I am too, and I feel that we're a rarity here in the running blogosphere.
    Can't wait to read your blog in full- looks like you have GREAT plans for 2011!
    I plan to be at the Half at the Hamptons too- best of luck!