Thursday, December 16, 2010

dear santa, i can explain...

im not asking for a lot this Christmas. snow, peace on earth, good will... yes i would like all those things. but for material items... lets just say there may not be a lot for me wrapped up under the tree this year, and that is just fine with me. december 31st/january 1st is my Christmas this year, and i am forever thankful to my entire family (in-laws-to-be included) for everything they have done to make our upcoming wedding everything ive always dreamed it could be.

however... id like to think i was pretty good this year, so i would not be unhappy if i were to receive these items:

i realized today that there is not a whole lot of time left before the big day, and ive got a lot to do yet to get ready. this includes a "year in review thanks to my ipod" blog like i did last year (and im really hoping sarah will make me another cd, *hint hint*) and a "2011 race preview/wishlist". the days are going by faster and faster and my to-do list of other random crap seems to grow exponentially by the hour. lovely.

this year was definitely an expensive year for me (us), with most of our money going towards the wedding and most of my money going towards running. id like to think that next year will not be as expensive, but it actually has the potential to be almost double what i spent this year. how did that happen? well... i already registered for the mount desert island marathon which is in october. then i registered for the NYC marathon lottery (ill find out if i got into that in april) and a few weeks ago i entered into a lottery for the boston marathon, which ill find out tomorrow! with only those three races (if i were to get in... fingers crossed!) it will already be about what i spent for all of my races total for 2010. ugh. the things we do for this freaking sport!!

so here is my 2011 race wishlist. we'll see what actually happens as the year progresses.

mid winter classic 10k
half at the hamptons

eastern states 20 miler

boston 5k (or)
boston marathon (?)

volunteer- sea dogs mothers day 5k
sugarloaf marathon (?)
reach the beach 200 mile relay
race 4 an angel 5k

close to the coast 10k or 5k

beach to beacon 10k (might actually volunteer this year)

reach the beach 200 mile relay (?)
65 roses 5k

maine marathon (?) or half
mount desert island marathon

NYC marathon (?)
thanksgiving day 4 miler

jingle bell 5k

clearly a lot of races are not set in stone as of yet, but i would really like to do 3 marathons if i can fit them in. are there any good races in northern new england that im missing? anyone doing any of these races and want to train with me? let me know!! :)

ill update you all tomorrow when i find out about boston, and ill post my "ipod year in review" as well!


  1. I seriously need to live closer to you. I need a running partner so bad! Hope wedding planning is going well! Don't worry everything will get done - somehow. I don't know how, but I do know that it does! Take your own good advice and "just breathe". :)

  2. i can only make you the cd if you write the blog *hint hint*. i seriosuly cant wait till the big day...cause im going to look hot in my dress. oh, and you will probably look ok too:-) annnnd i secretly hope you dont get into boston. i need you to cheer with me! but if you do...clearly ill make a sign:-)

  3. great list!!! how about keybank vermont city in may? ;)

  4. great list :) You are running the eastern states 20 no matter what. Im bringing my little red wagon along incase I need to pull Andrea (or Dawn okr myself). Yeah...

  5. i'm planning on the boston 5k..unless i missed the sign up? hmm.

  6. Love the 2011 schedule...I did both Sugarloaf (pb 3:39) and Maine Marathon (3:44) this year but def. doing MDI next Oct. Our whole family runs both Mother's/Father's Day 5k's at Hadlock. Beach to Beacon is subject to the lottery :( but will volunteer otherwise. (There's a great party for the vols and you get to meet Joan Benoit!)