Tuesday, March 22, 2011

26.2 for cupcakes

today i became an official finisher of the cupcake marathon!

total runs: 7 (because of my sheer stupidity)
total miles: 26.2
time: 3:43:31 (damn, just 3 minutes shy of a BQ!)
average min/mile: 8:31

i couldnt figure out how to print off a bigger photo, so i had a teeny tiny race bib. i wasnt creative enough at the time to think of putting a cool race number on it. i had worked all night. give me a break. (holy bags under my eyes... and i slipped a little ncaa march madness promotion in there, GO DUKE!)

my first run went well. 3 miles, 25:04, pace 8:05 (i wanted to try to BQ this fun marathon, which meant keeping all my runs under a pace of 8:20). so far so good.

second run: an outdoor run down broadway
3 miles, 24:14, pace 8:04

on friday it was almost 70 degrees, so i wanted to get a double run in (prepping for reach the beach relay!). i was also babysitting a 7 month old all day (see previous blog post)... pushing a jogging stroller was much harder than i ever imagined. but it went pretty well...
3 miles: 26:11, pace 8:43 (first time with a jogger = not super speedy)

second stroller run:
2 miles, 17:54, pace 8:57 (i blame the wind)

sunday i did NOT feel like running. at ALL. i wanted to do a long run (i got my work schedule for the next 6 weeks and im off on a day of a half marathon ive run 3 times before and really love, so i decided im going to do it... figured i probably need to train a little) but i just didnt feel like i had it in me. i got my running clothes on, put on one sneaker, and then sat on the living room floor and watched basketball with ty for almost a half hour. i finally got off my ass and decided it was time to go. within the first mile i stopped at 2 open houses (neither of them were anything great). i wanted to stop after mile 3. ended up running 11, and it felt really good! haha go figure.
11 miles, 1:35:10, pace 8:39 (BQ fail)

 somehow i cannot press stop quick enough and end up with .01 a lot
and then theres todays run. i set out to do the remaining 4 miles, the weather was cool but not very windy, and i felt good. i ended up on a street ive never been on, and had to go through the citys public works area to cut through to another street. at 0.98 miles i stepped on a mini boulder that i didnt see, and my ankle rolled right off. from 7th grade through senior year in college i have probably sprained, rolled, or twisted my ankles hundreds of times (i wish i was kidding). the first few were awful... black and blue, swollen, etc. i dont think there is any cartilage left in there cuz now i can roll them and be walking/running again in seconds (im sure thats not a good thing). but this.really.HURT. and i was pissed. not only did i still have 3 more miles to run, i had just signed up for the maine marathon minutes before heading out for my run! i would pretty much be the most miserable person ever had i broken my ankle out there today... but a few minutes of swearing to myself and stretching it out, i was hobbling... then limping... walking... and finally off and running once again. i finished my 4 miles and came inside, excited to submit all my pics and spreadsheet to jason.

then i realized, i was 0.1 miles short. awesome. somehow i had thought i did a 5k run twice, but going over the runs again, i realized that no... i was supposed to do 4.1 miles today. so i laced up my sneakers once more and sprinted out the door.
4.1 miles, 34:59, pace 8:31

and now we wait for the results and see if ive won myself any cupcakes!


  1. You're pretty awesome for A. running with a baby B. running through a twisted ankle and C. for going back out to complete your 4.1! Also, it made me feel so much better knowing that you encounter moments of not being in the mood to run too.

  2. hahaha, awesome. i love that you had to run .1 :)

  3. Congrats!! New follower here!

    I just did the "Cupcake 1/2 Marathon" I was injured sorta when I signed up and wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull of the whole one. I finished last week, and now I'm wishing I'd done the one you did.

  4. woo hoo! bring on the cupcakes :D

  5. wow, nice job finishing!! Love your tat, I just got my first one last fall. I see you're an SU fan, I live in Syracuse : ) can't believe they blew it the other night!

  6. I have a Nike+ sportband. Add me on the site: JESSA687