Tuesday, March 8, 2011

abc's, cupcakes, & boston

these abc's posts are everywhere... and i love reading them! but now, its my turn... so enjoy!

a- age: 29 + 465 days
b- bed size: california king
c- chore you hate: scrubbing the tub ("c" is also for cupcakes! find out more below)
d- dogs? not yet... but we've already named the two golden retrievers we will eventually have. right now i live vicariously through the daily adventures of katie, graham, and molly
e- essential start to your day: coffee and cheerios
f- favorite color: pink
g- gold or silver: silver 
h- height: 5'5"
i- instruments you play: i played the euphonium for 8 years, and the piano
j- job title: respiratory therapist
k- kids: someday
l- live: maine
m- moms name: donna
n- nickname: dan, d, babe
o- overnight hospital stays: just working, never had to stay for myself
p- pet peeves: when ty puts his cereal bowl in the sink instead of the dishwasher, the toilet paper on the wrong way (the paper needs to go OVER, people),  and sooooo many more
q- quote from a movie: "and in the end, i realized that i took more than i gave, i was trusted more than i trusted, i was loved more than i loved, and what i was looking for was not to be found, but to be made." -shes having a baby   (and more recently "its so fluffy im gonna die!" -despicable me)
r- right or left handed? right
s- siblings: an older step brother, two older step sisters, twin brothers, a younger step brother and a younger step sister
t- time you wake up: between 5am-whenever
u- underwear: vs
v- vegetable you dislike: brusselsprouts
w- what makes you run late: my alarm not going off and long lines at the dunkin donuts drive thru
x- x-rays you've had done: both ankles numerous times, and my knee
y- yummy food you make: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
z- zoo, favorite animal: penguins

now onto CUPCAKES!! yum.

It's Like A Marathon But With A Cherry On Top
i love to run, and i love cupcakes.... so when i found out about the cupcake marathon i obviously wanted in! and i think you still can too...

from march 14th to march 26th you walk/run the cumulative distance of a half marathon or full marathon (you decide) and you can win cupcakes! (and other prizes too but remember, CUPCAKES!!). so yeah, that will be a fun way to get my butt off the couch :)

and finally... BOSTON(!!!) is 6 weeks away :) sarah and i had so much fun cheering everyone on last year, we decided to go again this year, but this time were going to make more of a weekend out of it and also run the B.A.A. 5k. theres a ton of blogger meet ups happening as well, and a red sox game on sunday afternoon to top things off!

and even though im not actually running the boston marathon, i will be running the 5k... so i think that allows me to buy this...

adidas - Boston Marathon Beats Tee

happy running everyone!


  1. ok lets stop posting gross preggo pics of me! k thanks. annnnnd im pumped for boston, duh. annnnnnnd cupcake marathon. im in!!! andnnnnn the hoodie only says BAA...we are running a BAA event. its all yours.


  2. Love your ABC's! I keep hearing about this cupcake marathon and think that I need to look into it further, as I have a deep adoration for all things cake.. Oh, and I run too. :-)

  3. YAY! can't wait to see you in boston!

  4. I am SO excited for the cupcake marathon! If only it was an eating challenge rather than a running one... :)