Sunday, March 20, 2011

adventures in babysitting: a running diary

for an 8 pack of bud light, i agreed to babysit sarah's 7 month old son, tyler. he doesnt crawl or walk (cant get into much trouble), eats and sleeps a lot, and is a huge cutie pie. piece of cake, right?

6:46am sarah drops ty off and our day begins.
 this will be easy!

6:48 husband drops the F bomb. his response “oh he cant hear anyway”. were going to be great parents.

6:50 mom leaves. its just me and you kid.
please disregard my hideous morning hair

6:57 into the pack n play so i can get some coffee. i have a feeling its gonna be a loooooong day.

7:04 me: “at some point today im probably going to need a beer. is that bad?”
husband: “as long you don’t drink a bunch of them”. supportive husband right there

7:07 i check sarahs email to make sure i havent missed anything yet

7:08 breakfast isnt until 8am. so far so good.

7:23 ty starts crying (kinda) and rubbing his eyes. the instructional email says that means he is tired. toys and blankets out of the pack n play…. nap time!

7:35 crying. awesome.

7:38 diaper change. shocking, hes happy now.

7:57 time for breakfast. whole grain oats with raspberries. he loves it. i dont think it tastes much like anything. pretty smushy. there is no way this is gonna look pretty when it comes out the other end. (have i told you yet i am in NO WAY ready to have my own children?). also having applesauce, which i promise does not taste like adult applesauce. just wait til you can eat real people food, like pizza, and french fries with ranch. youre missing out, kid!

8:07 only half way through breakfast (email says he will eat the whole thing) and he is rubbing his eyes and getting fussy (which means tired). there isnt anything in the email about what to do if he gets tired while eating!

8:39 baby hiccups might be the cutest thing ever. and i just got an email from groupon “half off 5 baby genius videos”. is groupon psychic?

8:41 baby farting (x4) is not the cutest thing ever. especially when they are sitting on your lap.

9:04 first gross diaper change. how do babies get poop there?

9:17 more coffee for me. tys favorite game so far is “push the toys just far enough out of my reach so that danielle has to pull them all back to me”. this game has now gone on for over 10 minutes.

9:32 toys are not interesting him anymore. i think its almost time for run #1. (this would imply that there will be more than 1 run today. thats the goal anyway). 

11:25 back from our 3 mile run and mile walk. those running strollers are no joke! that took a bit to get used to. ty slept the whole way, go figure.

11:40 snack time, since we missed the 10:30 snack. whoops. baby pears arent so bad.

11:55 its not even noon and ive already managed to screw this day up. snack was supposed to be from 10-10:30 with naptime after. instead we went for a run where he napped and had snack at 11:40. now he isnt tired. and im hungry.

12:06 im not good at leaving a crying baby to cry. about to pick him up, i cant help it!
1:00 my mom stopped by to play! changed a wet diaper. those things weigh a lot!

1:31 lunch time. rice cereal w/apples & cinnamon. not too bad. sweet potatoes… not my favorite.

1:43 he is entertained in his high chair by a plastic ring toy. and pooping.

2:04 still eating. i figured out i was feeding him snack foods and not lunch. whoops. and i refuse to try this vegetables with chicken mush. smells awful.

2:05 decided to try it. tastes about as bad as it smells.

2:09 i think were done eating. im concerned with taking him for another run on a full stomach… but its almost 70 degrees outside. maybe a walk just to be outside first?

3:40 return from our run. of course ty slept the entire way, which was probably best because the winds were ridiculous and i ended up having to cover the jogger with a blanket to save him from the sand and leaf storms! we ran 2 miles and walked about another mile. it is beautiful outside, despite the wind.

3:50 ty continues to babble to himself in the pack n play while i take a quick shower. of course he wont sleep anymore. but its time for some DUKE BASKETBALL! and another wet (seriously i think this thing weighs 10 pounds) diaper change.

4:01 snack time… ty wont look away from the last few minutes of the 1st half of the ball game and just opens his mouth for me to feed him.

4:15 husband comes home and ty is having a staring contest with him

4:24 husband and ty sit down to watch the rest of the game together. “now listen were gonna watch the game. no crying.” again, not ready to be parents.

4:55 some serious action going on in his pants. husband has a ridiculous look on his face

4:56 a serious diaper change. followed immediately by projectile bottle formula vomit. awesome.

5:13 mom arrives and the fun ends. we survived... and im exhausted! and although we had a really fun day, i know i am definitely not ready to have a 7 month old :)


  1. Several things:
    1. They make 8-packs in Maine? That sounds perfect. A 6-pack is never enough, a 12-pack is a bit too much.
    2. I'm pretty sure that little Ty can HEAR you, he just can't understand.
    3. I love sweet potato flavored baby food. My favorite is Hawaiian Delight or Fruit Medley.
    4. I feel like Sarah's Ty watching basketball is probably very similar to your Ty watching basketball. Doesn't even look away, just shoves the food in his mouth.
    5. You're not ready for a 7 month old, how about a newborn? Just get one.

  2. Babies kind of freak me out with the amount of attention they need! Sounds like you did a masterful job and for the low, low rate of a Bud lite 8 pack? You need to demand better or more next time. Think a bottle of Jameson- that's what I'd need to get for a day of kid watching!

  3. Man. That is seriously one cute kid. 8 pack?! Interesting... Babies are rad, it's the moving phase forward that freaks me out.

  4. I would let you watch my kids anytime. I wikl even ship then to you.

  5. I think you need to have adventures in babysitting a 2 year old!