Friday, August 19, 2011

fun fact friday

1. it drives me up the wall when people dont pronounce their H's (ie: humid --> umid)

2. i barely read 6 books in a year... ive read 10 in the last three months.

3. my coffee intake is on most days almost equal to my water intake.

4. i ate an entire avacado yesterday like it was an apple. this is a common occurance.

5. in the months of july & august i spent more days in a hospital than at my house.

6. even a brand spankin new house still has "projects"

7. i know how to fold a fitted sheet... and now you can too!

8. if i was on this summers big brother season i would absolutely have been the first person kicked off. actually i probably would have asked to go home so i wouldnt have to spend the summer with rachel. shoot me.

9. my brother in law was put on a different ventilator on wednesday. its breathing for him at a rate of 9 breaths per SECOND. thats 540 breaths per minute. dont try that at home.

10. i think people who put ice in their milk are weird. well alright i wont judge. i think the act is weird. you people are probably fairly normal. except for that.

11. two weeks ago i went and switched my piece of shit old/outdated cell phone for an andriod incredible 2. i  had fun with the apps, words with friends, a much nicer touch screen than mine... and i returned it and went back to my old phone. i dont need all that crap. but i do miss the little green guy that waves to me when i call people.

12. when i moved back from phoenix i bought a bike. i never rode it, then sold it to my brother. now i want a bike again. which im sure i wouldnt ride.

now go check out katie, who is my inspiration for starting fun fact friday back up again (i wont copy her and change it to random fact friday, although thats really what these are. but random can be fun.)


  1. I think avocados taste like nothing. but I continue to eat them.