Friday, August 26, 2011

fun fact friday

1. i have major anxiety attacks over flying. i would much rather drive.

2. i seriously dislike chit chat. a lot of times if i see people from afar at places (ie- grocery store, mall) that i know im going to "run into" and have to carry on some sort of fake conversation (oh hi, how are you, what have you been up to despite the fact i already know since i stalk you on facebook but want you to tell me anyway...), ill walk the other way and make sure this chance happening doesnt happen. sorry, its not you, its me.

3. at the doctors office on that little survey you always have to fill out, i find it easier to write in '2 - 3' for the "how many drinks, on average, do you have in a week" question. week, night, whats the difference really?

4. i accidentally on purpose ended up at the animal refuge league today and fell in love with only two kittens. i swear one of them answered to the name ive weve picked out for our future kitten.

5. i have matching vera bradley lunchbox and checkbook cover.

6. i might be the only person in the entire world who still keeps a balanced physical paper checkbook register.

7. while youre reading this im supposed to be out running 20 miles. dear god please let this be happening. and if you so choose, please text me/tweet me (@RTdanielle09) to make sure im out somewhere in the middle of falmouth/cumberland actually doing it.

8. yes, i will text/tweet you back when im running.

9. when i run early early morning (like were talking 3:30am early. yeah.) i dont wear music so i can really focus on my surroundings. for God only knows what reason, i somehow always end up singing "ma ma ma MY sharona". it is not awesome.

10. i cannot wait until the day starbucks starts selling their pumpkin spice latte. one just might not be enough.

11. i own more hooded sweatshirts and pairs of flip flops than anyone really ever should own.

12. im kinda over facebook.

13. i didnt start drinking coffee until after i graduated from college. i dont know how i ever lived without it.

14. i finally convinced ty to take me to gray animal farm so i could see a real live moose. they were so big!

hope everyone on the east coast stays safe this weekend in the threat of hurricane irene! also head on over and check out katies page later on today as she always has fun friday randomness and a list of others who do too!


  1. I'm with you on the coffee - I started drinking it for real at my first post-college job. Never looked back.

    Good luck on the 20!

  2. PSL Sept. 6th! Countdown paper chain style!