Friday, August 5, 2011

its that time again already?!

first of all, where has this year gone?! i cant believe its august already... how have we been married 7 months?! but more importantly (hehe) ITS BEACH TO BEACON 10K TIME!!!!!

i super duper heart this race. its in the town i grew up in (so of course im biased), its a beautiful time of year in maine, its on the ocean... what is there not to love? (according to my husband- "the running part". needless to say he isnt as excited as i am). this will be my 9th year running this race and it still gives me goosebumps and the silly tummy butterflies on race day. this race is just that damn awesome. if youre lucky enough to get in on registration day (in MARCH mind you), give it a try. you wont regret it.

past b2b times:
2002- 1:08:47 (didnt train, still pretty much hated running)
2003- 58:07 (started loving running, trained a lot. to PR a 10k by 10 minutes is kinda sweet)
2004- 55:19 (i think this was the year i went to a bbq the night before... stayed up til almost 3am, smoked and drank a LOT. i still got a 10k PR, but i did not feel well)
2005- 53:02
2006- 52:08
2008- 1:00:29 (i ran with ty for his first b2b... and please note, his time was 1:00:30 hehe)
2009- 47:50 (my current 10k PR... i still have NO idea how i did this. none.)

2010- 49:47

my most recent 10k was on the fourth of july, running 51:31. i think that course is a lot tougher than the b2b so who knows whats gonna happen tomorrow. in no way do i feel like im fast enough this year to go sub 48, but im hoping for atleast 8:15s or even 8's. regardless, im going to have fun cuz this race always seems to go by so fast! (and if I think this race goes by fast... the course record is 27:27 (thats 4:26/mile!) set in 2003 by Gilbert Okari from Kenya. i was a spectator one year, and i think think their feet even touch the ground... im just at the halfway mark when they're done! i.n.s.a.n.e!)

starting line

finish line
portland headlight, cape elizabeth, maine
and after we finish they make us walk up this hill... EVIL!

the shirts are pretty sweet this year...


and look what i happened to find at the expo!

thanks, bondi band!

and even though this is my 9th year running this race, when my friend amanda asked me on facebook what time our shuttle was leaving for the race in the morning, the following conversation ensued:

amanda: what time is the shuttle leaving Jewett?
me: ooooh i dunno. i figure we will try to leave about 7:15... race starts at 8 right? haha you would think i would know by now. ill check the website.
me: yup, 8am. and ps- this conversation is definitely going in my blog tonight haha. who runs a race and doesnt know what time it starts the night before? especially when its my NINTH time running it! 

yes. this is my life. good luck to all racers this weekend!


  1. The pictures look amazing. And I love the "breathe" bondi band as well.. I wonder why! ;)

  2. oooh darn, i thought i was going to see how you did at the end of this!!!