Friday, October 7, 2011

fun fact friday

1. i got a new phone (again). i think ive finally found the one. but i still have 14 days to decide.

2. im still on such a high from sundays marathon, even though running 4 hours and 18 minutes in the rain gave me a rockin cold/sore throat.

3. im really over "the band perry" and their song "if i die young". i like their new stuff, so if the radios could play those songs more often that would be great.
4. despite not really loving it when i bought it, im falling more and more for this hot pink computer.

5. today is the 280th day of the year, and there are 85 days left. this has been one of the best years and simultaneously one of the worse years of my life.
6. ill also be 31 in 52 days. whoa.

7. i never wrote about a race i had two weeks ago, and i really need to. maybe this afternoon. its still a tough one for me to wrap my head and heart around.

8. i became co-director of above said race last night. i am both scared and humbled at this opportunity. keep your calendars open for September 30th, 2012.

9. when im lounging around the house reading or cleaning, i put on music choice pop hits or todays country.

10. before sundays race i was nervous as hell and said "after MDI im gonna take a break from running marathons" (i say that like i run them every weekend.... no.) sunday night i was searching for spring marathons and i may have convinced 5 friends last night to travel to virginia beach in march :)

11. i spent $16 on a bottle of pumpkin spaghetti sauce from williams-sonoma last week. totally worth it.

12. my armpits are sore from 50 push ups yesterday. arms = weak.
13. ive had my next tattoo planned for months now but im stuck on body placement. im deciding between 3 places, 2 of which i dont think my husband would approve. my body not his, right?
14. ive finally stopped "dropping in" to the animal shelter and playing with looking at kitties.

15. i think floss is way overpriced. (yes i still buy it)


  1. Forget Shamrock. Do National which is in DC like a week after or before (I can't remember which)!

  2. YES! do national, you can stay with me :)

  3. Which phone did you choose? Don't you hate upgrading anything techy? Too many decisions!

  4. If you want a FAST race in March, look at Snickers in Albany, GA.

    What is your goal pace for MDI? I'm not racing it, but trying to decide if I will run a few miles at my planned MRP for Baton Rouge, or just run the whole way as an LSD run. Hmmm? decisions, decisions.

  5. So do tell us more about your tattoo wishes! :) I wanna hear!!! This is my first visit to your blog and I'm lovin it! You deff. have a new subscriber. :)