Saturday, October 1, 2011

stuff you need to run 26.2 miles

wouldnt it be nice if you could just walk out the door in the morning, afternoon, or evening... and just go for a run? tshirt, sports bra, shorts, underwear, socks, sneakers, hair elastic. really, those are the basics, right?

in two weeks from tomorrow i will be able to do just that. but until then:
TOMORROW is the MAINE.FREAKING.MARATHON! (ok, minor freak out over. well, for now)
first of all, one of my bestest friends andrea sent me this super awesome marathon survival kit this week! she wont be at the start or finish line tomorrow but she will be there in spirit!
(and yes, that is my face on p.diddy's body... cuz "i wake up in the mornin feelin like p.diddy!")

i headed on over to the expo this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised at the ease in which parking, getting my gear, and getting out of there was :) needless to say the maine marathon isnt exactly the boston marathon, thus the expo doesnt take too long. but the volunteers were awesome (as always) and i checked out the booths before heading back outside to wait for john (who i was meeting up with to go for a little 2 mile jog).
sleek new look this year...
...compared to the past two years of NEON!
the bags this year were FULL of such yummy goodness, and other fun stuff too. (side note: there was also a bag of kettle cooked potato chips, which i ate on the drive home from the expo)
cant forget this! just wish our names were a littttttle bit bigger
again for the 2nd year the shirts ROCK! aaaand i love love love the sleeves
rockin the purple in support of cystic fibrosis awareness

these hot lookin puppies are gonna take me to sub 4:43!! (hope they dont mind getting wet)

aaaand ill be drinking out of this for the rest of the night

my original goal for this race was sub 4. a little thing called "life" got in the way this summer and my training went out the window. so here are my goals for tomorrow:

1. FINISH! (can my goals end there?)

2. sub 4:43:00 (my first ever marathon, this one, was 4:43:00. the second time i did this course i got 4:43:30. i want to kick this course in the face!)

3. kinda sorta hoping, if the stars align and the wind is at my back on the back 13, and my knees hold up and and and and....
yeah. 4:20. putting this nice little cheat sheet in my handheld just for safe keeping. (yah know, for that whole challenge thing with my running twin)

ive gotta bring this for the pre race, to make sure i dont melt in the rain (and to psych me up knowing that not only am i about to run 26.2 miles, in the rain, im going to run another 26.2 miles in 14 days. i need to remind myself that i make stupid choices.)
no ones gonna miss me!
so everything is all laid out and ready to go (i tooooold you it takes a LOT of stuff to run this freaking far!). ive already checked it three times, and im sure i will check it about 100 more times before leaving tomorrow. i saw the race starts at 7:45am (good to know... since ive run this marathon/half marathon 8 times) so i figure ill meet up with people about 7ish. GOOD LUCK to all runners, but especially sarah, christine, jen, john, melissa, and everyone! (that covers you if i forgot)
see ya in 26.2 :)


  1. Have a great race girl! You'll kill it! And rain just makes you bad ass so have fun with it!

  2. You ARE going to kick ass tomorrow! Love your outfit. I loved the goodie bag this year too. See you tomorrow morning!

  3. You did it! Congrats on beating ALL THREE goals! :)

  4. I love that you kicked the course int he face! And those shorts are awesome!

  5. I keep forgetting that we wear the same shoes. and those shorts are ridiculous! congrats!!!